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Microfilm Scanning Vancouver

MCS in Vancouver BC is the industry leader in Microfilm and Microfiche scanning since 1975. We now specialize in converting Microfilm to digital data.

For well over 100 years, vital business records and corporate documents were captured and stored on microfilm and microfiche. It was (and some argue still is) the only true archival way to ensure paper records were properly backed up. The down side was, and is, that specialized, expensive equipment was required to view and print microfilm records into analog form.

Microfilm Digitization Service

For many years now the technology has developed to digitize slides directly from 16 and 35 mm roll film or microfiche. MCS in Vancouver BC has a fleet of 7 Sunrise roll and fiche scanners which deliver the highest possible image quality with very efficient productivity.

Microfilm Scanning Hardware

We also carry a great line of Microfilm Scanning Hardware including:

Vancouver Microfilm & Fiche Scanners

If you are looking for microfilm scanning hardware or services, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your unique requirements — we’ll even collect number of microfiche or rolls of microfilm and prepare a FREE sample for your perusal and approval.

Old School Microfilm Scanning

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