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  1. Document Digitization: Experience + Innovation = Expertise

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    Clients who patronize a document digitization, image scanning, and data capture bureau like Micro Com Systems (MCS) expect the work to be on point. After all, many organizations could manage most of these jobs in-house, but sometimes scale or special requirements warrant a professional touch.

    As a firm that specializes in document imaging, Micro Com has become very good at replicating images with impeccable quality. And many organizations are quite happy to pay for the work they would rather not do.

    But while all of MCS’s clients have paper or microforms to scan, very few jobs can be processed in exactly the same fashion. For example, a recent client had a number of large format plans that were interfiled with regular letter and legal sized documents. And the customer required the final scanned images to mimic the original paper files exactly.

    This meant the large format and letter/legal documents first needed to be separated and then scanned on different platforms. Then they needed to be earmarked with placeholder targets by hand so the pages could be correctly assembled post scanning.

    Anticipating that this could be the first of many similar jobs, the team at Micro Com Systems put their heads together for a solution to streamline the process. Staying on top of emerging trends in hardware and software is incredibly important in the scanning industry. As a result, the team was able to leverage their knowledge and create an application using Microsoft Ink.

    The application allowed them to generate placeholder targets using a special stylus and tablet. The data from these forms were stored in a database, which subsequently printed a new generation of targets that allow the separate work streams to be combined electronically.

    Because of this, subsequent jobs with similar requirements can now be performed easily, without piling on considerable costs for time and labour.

    While customers may not appreciate the subtleties of how individual jobs are processed, they always appreciate high-quality work that is delivered on time and on budget. In short,  as a  document digitization, image scanning, and data capture bureau, Micro Com knows how to innovate to meet the needs of different clients. It’s how they can ensure people get the documents they need, exactly the way they need them.

  2. Vancouver Scanning and Digitization Company Talks QC

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    When considering a scanning and digitization company, Quality Control (QC) isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. After all, when you hire a professional to do the job, there’s an expectation it will be done right.

    However, when you’re a large scanning and digitization company dealing with millions of pages each month, the sheer volume of paper and resulting scanned images could contribute to potential problems. Many businesses set internal quality standards at rate of 99.5% accuracy. Assuming most organizations can accept an error rate of .05%, thousands of errors would occur over a million pages, and that’s simply not acceptable.

    That’s why Micro Com Systems in Vancouver has implemented rigorous and proprietary production task and procedure manuals specifically for paper and micrographic files being converted to electronic images.

    This isn’t simply a spot check. It’s a full pre- and post-scanning program to ensure that pages are readable—and that the final digitized results are accurate and true to form.

    QA isn’t easy. And not all scanning companies hit the same standard. As a business that’s evolved over 43 years, the team at Micro Com have continually checked and doctored their process. Today, they are confident it holds up as one of the best in the industry.

    There are many times when QA will take longer than a scanning job. But when so many businesses rely on you accurately capture and digitize information, it’s the only way to consistently deliver quality results. That’s why QA isn’t just a process at Micro Com—it’s a promise.

  3. Micro Com Systems Resists Being Labelled

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    There’s an old adage that goes, “a business with no sign is a sign of no business.” That’s not quite the case with the Burnaby-based document digitization, image scanning, and data capture firm Micro Com Systems. While visitors to the office may have noticed the distinct lack of signage, there’s actually a very compelling reason that Micro Com Systems embraces its anonymity.

    Back in the early 2000s, Micro Com was shortlisted to provide services to a firm that was contemplating adding to its internal scanning capabilities. This company had a very high public profile and needed any potential outsource partner adopt many of its methods and standards to protect its security and confidential information.

    Before committing, the organization had their security personnel conduct a thorough and methodical examination of the Micro Com offices, networks, and staff. They made a few minor recommendations, which were quickly implemented. Then they dropped a bombshell—they insisted that all signage be removed from the buildings and vehicles. MCS would be named as a partner, and therefore could become a potential target of this organization’s enemies.

    It was a difficult choice. In exchange for a significant volume of new work, all exterior branding and signage would need to be sacrificed. The partners in the company worked very hard to establish and nurture MCS, and they were very proud of their achievements. Ultimately, the opportunity for significant growth won out, the signs were removed and many, many millions of documents were scanned.

    Fast forward to 2018, the contract is finished, but there are a surprising number of corporate clients who work with sensitive information and appreciate the added security that Micro Com’s anonymity provides.

    It’s a strange twist, but in this case Micro Com’s anonymity has become a big part of the company’s corporate identity. After all, embracing ideas clients like just seems like the smart thing to do.

  4. Secure Document Digitization: Keeping Sensitive Information Private

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    There’s been a lot of talk about how using shared servers can pose a security threat. This is particularly relevant when it comes to document digitization. Recently, the team at Micro Com Systems won a contract from an agency that was concerned about how and where their sensitive information would be stored during the process of document digitization. The customer’s internal security department determined that Micro Com’s policy of only using their own in-house servers made them the preferred choice. (more…)
  5. Microfilm or Bust

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    As a company engaged in all forms of document digitization, image scanning & data capture, Micro Com has been a part of the BC market since 1975. During that time, they have assisted many businesses, organization, and individuals with data capture, digitization, and archiving. This included transferring old and precious documents to microfilm, which is 100% archival if processed to stringent standards.

  6. Introducing the Contex HD5450 Scanner – Vancouver Document Scanning Company

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    For people who need to access and share documents on a regular basis, scanning and digitization just makes good sense.

    Of course, not all scanning companies are created equal. The storage and management of large format documents such as blueprints, plans, maps, and drawings can leave some businesses puzzling over a solution. But hey, those companies aren’t Micro Com Systems. With an average output of over one million pages per month, we are Vancouver’s scanning specialists.

  7. Atiz Archival Book Scanning Vs. the Guillotine

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    Curious about the process of scanning archival books? Many of the book scanning customers who come to Micro Com Systems have works as rare and precious as—for example—the powdered wig worn by Marie Antoinette. In other words, they are priceless both in terms of history and appearance.

    As a company that specializes in all forms of document digitization, image scan & data capture, we scoured the market for the best library digitization device before purchasing the Atiz Bookdrive Pro. (more…)

  8. Micro Com Systems Breaks Hoarding Tradition

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    When you’re a business that scans and digitizes over one million pages every month, being surrounded by tech and paperwork just goes with the territory. However, after a recent move to Burnaby, the management at Micro Com Systems has some advice that other businesses might find valuable—beware of becoming an accidental hoarder.

    The relationship between tech and business is almost as natural as peanut butter and jelly. There’s an easy harmony between them—a synchronicity. One makes the other better.

    What We Offer – Vancouver Document Scanning Services and More

    As a company engaged in all forms of document digitization, image scanning, and data capture, part of the reason for the hoarding is understandable. There’s a lot of tech, and certain makes and models that still play a role in select operations have been retired, so older machines are kept around for parts. Micro Com also sells and services capture hardware and, once again, older machines were kept in case someone needed an elusive component.

    How We Tidy Up

    Other clutter, however, was less defensible. There were hundreds and hundreds of banker’s boxes packed to the brim with paper, drawings, and microfilm from long-completed jobs. When returns were not requested, many of the boxes were shunted into the corners of the 5000 sq. ft. warehouse—and forgotten. And things just went too far.

    When it finally came time to decide what to keep and what to discard, there were literally tons of waste. A junk-hauling company had to be called in—and it took six 5-ton trucks to haul away the incredible volume of garbage and recycling. In addition, seven 64 cubic foot (2 cubic metre) steel cages of paper were sent for shredding.

    To prevent this from happening again, the solution moving forward will be to implement a yearly spring cleanout—and it’s a lesson other businesses might take to heart. After all, if people regularly clean out their homes to keep them from getting cluttered, why should a business be any different?

    Digitizing Your Paperwork Solution – Contact Us For More Details

    The team members at Micro Com Systems look forward to serving you from their newer, tidier location in Burnaby. Ask them how digitizing your paperwork can cut costs and make your important paperwork more accessible and secure—and leave your office tidier. Call 604-872-6771 or reach out online.

  9. Micro Com Systems Arrives in Burnaby

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    Now in Burnaby BC!

    Micro Com Systems has changed locations. That’s right. The friendly service providers who specialize in providing customized Document Management Solutions have bundled up their scanners, printers, and data capture magic and moved from 27 E 7th Ave to set up shop at a brand new address near Production Way in Burnaby.

    Why the Move?

    Long before Vancouver was recognized as a high tech hub, Burnaby led the way. With heavyweights like Electronic Arts, Creo (now part of Eastman Kodak), Ballard Power Systems, and Telus opting for Burnaby, Production Way became one of the first areas to incorporate the cutting edge infrastructure and Internet capabilities specifically meant to woo the organizations pioneering new frontiers in industry, communication, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science.

    For Micro Com Systems, increased access to powerful and reliable Internet will substantially increase the ability to perform document digitization, image scan and data capture, which includes microfilm/microfiche and aperture card scanning, automated invoice processing, large format scanning—and everything in between! With over one million pages scanned and digitized every month, this translates into quicker turnaround times and better customer service—a priority for the Micro Com family.

    Equally important is the improved access afforded by the convenient proximity to the Production Way Millennium SkyTrain Line, Lougheed Highway, and the Trans-Canada Highway. Employees and guests will also have access to ample parking —a previously unknown commodity in downtown Vancouver.

    Where to Find Us

    Micro Com Systems has now resumed business as usual from their new home:

    8527 Eastlake Drive Burnaby, BC V5A 4T7

    All phone numbers remain the same. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding the move is encouraged to call 604-872-6771 or reach out online.

    Micro Com Systems New Burnaby Location Map

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