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Vancouver Paper Records Scanning Services

It turns out the “paperless” office dream was just that, a dream. Even in our progressive city, Vancouver, every business, office and organization generates and must keep lots of paper records, some for many years, some forever! Traditionally, businesses filed paper documents in filing cabinets, which was functional but far from perfect. Files needed to be physically checked in and out and could only be used by one person at a time. Files were constantly being lost or misplaced.

Benefits of Digitizing Records

Scanning paper records is a massive improvement in that files can be collaboratively shared, security can be set on who can view or alter documents, versions can be monitored and the space occupied by filing cabinets can be reclaimed.

Our Vancouver Scanning Services make the conversion of paper files very simple. By using us as your scanning service bureau there is no expensive equipment to buy, no capture software to purchase, no staff required to operate the scanners and no IT resources strained.

Breaking the habit of storing paper (with onsite or offsite scanning) will deliver real cost savings, customer service improvements and you will never lose a file again!

Digital Document Management Service Vancouver

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique requirements, take away a representative folder or two of your documents, and prepare a FREE sample for your perusal and approval.

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