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Vancouver Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services

Vancouver Microfiche / Microfilm Scanning

Our Vancouver micrographic scanning facility is a leader the microfiche digital conversion industry.

When you have access to over 5,000 square feet of dedicated micrographic scanning and handling equipment, your microfiche digital conversion headaches are instantly over. Since 1975, Micro Com Systems’ leading technology, experienced staff, unmatched workflows and Kodak certified lab have ensured the absolute BEST in quality electronic conversion of micrographic films.

If you aren’t sure about whether you need to digitize your microfilm or microfiche records, take a look below at why so many are switching:

Why Microfilm Scanning?

  • Fulfills important government regulations on retention in your business
  • New records aren’t affected by advances in technology (which is leaving your company behind, and costing it much more in administration)
  • Converted microfilm is acceptable as courtroom evidence because the information cannot be altered
  • Takes up 98% less storage space than paper documents
  • Enjoy high resolution images

How MCS Vancouver Can Help:

Microfilm Processing & Duplication

If you have rolls of microfilm that require processing or duplication, MCS in Vancouver BC can quickly do it in our Kodak certified processing lab. This means you get superior quality images, every single time. You can send in your film on a roll per roll basis or in large volumes. We can provide either silver or diazo film duplicates. To ensure our lab and image quality, we send in test samples of our microfilm on a monthly basis.

Key Benefits:

  • Meet government regulations on retention
  • Not affect by advances in technology and obsolescence—technology independent
  • Acceptable as courtroom evidence because the information cannot be altered
  • Takes up 98% less storage space than paper documents
  • Scan and print high resolution images from microfilm

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