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  1. Micro Com Systems a Diverse Work Force Leads to Rich Corporate Culture at Vancouver Scanning and Records Management Company

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    It’s no secret that the strength of any business is its people. And service bureaus are no different. As a Vancouver-based company that specializes in document scanning and digitization services, many of the tasks are simple and repetitive. They range from pulling staples to preparing documents for scanning. And the people who fulfil these positions include students, retirees, and many new immigrants to Canada. In fact, the array of culture, diversity, and knowledge have added considerably to the skills and corporate culture of the company.


    In over 40 years of business, Micro Com Systems (MCS) has employed people from all around the globe. Many of these employees possessed high level education from their home countries, but needed to upgrade their skills and training in order to be recognized in Canada.


    Working at Micro Com helped bridge this gap while they attained the education and certifications necessary to practice in Canada. Here are a few of the standouts over the years:


    Fillip – Full ride scholarship in Political Science, Macedonia

    Veena – Master’s Degree in Economics, India

    Maria – Master’s Degree in Physics (was a nuclear scientist in Romania)

    Ferdinand – Philippines, had a CGA but liked the low-stress social environment of MCS better

    Alan S – Author, Business Executive in India. Ran for an MLA position locally.

    Steven B – Marketing degree, Ireland

    Bradley S – Dental Student, Australia

    Diana – Professor, Bulgaria


    Since 1975, well over 1100 people have been employed at MCS. In fact, there have been over 600 employees in the last dozen years alone. And from 2004 to 2006, nearly 180 were brought onboard for a particularly busy stint.


    Today, about 50 people make up the core team at Micro Com’s Burnaby facility. Many are long-term employees who have been with the company for ages (up to 40 years in some cases). However, it is the interplay of old and new, the unique combination of age, experience, and ideas that have truly enriched the business and culture.


    People bring a little part of themselves into the places they work. And these new ideas, skills, and the vast wells of knowledge are what has given Micro Com an edge when it comes to creative problem-solving and work fulfilment. All enterprises are defined by their team member, and people remain the number one reason that Micro Com is still a rich place to work and do business.

  2. Vancouver Scanning and Digitization Company Talks QC

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    When considering a scanning and digitization company, Quality Control (QC) isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. After all, when you hire a professional to do the job, there’s an expectation it will be done right.

    However, when you’re a large scanning and digitization company dealing with millions of pages each month, the sheer volume of paper and resulting scanned images could contribute to potential problems. Many businesses set internal quality standards at rate of 99.5% accuracy. Assuming most organizations can accept an error rate of .05%, thousands of errors would occur over a million pages, and that’s simply not acceptable.

    That’s why Micro Com Systems in Vancouver has implemented rigorous and proprietary production task and procedure manuals specifically for paper and micrographic files being converted to electronic images.

    This isn’t simply a spot check. It’s a full pre- and post-scanning program to ensure that pages are readable—and that the final digitized results are accurate and true to form.

    QA isn’t easy. And not all scanning companies hit the same standard. As a business that’s evolved over 43 years, the team at Micro Com have continually checked and doctored their process. Today, they are confident it holds up as one of the best in the industry.

    There are many times when QA will take longer than a scanning job. But when so many businesses rely on you accurately capture and digitize information, it’s the only way to consistently deliver quality results. That’s why QA isn’t just a process at Micro Com—it’s a promise.

  3. Micro Com Systems Resists Being Labelled

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    There’s an old adage that goes, “a business with no sign is a sign of no business.” That’s not quite the case with the Burnaby-based document digitization, image scanning, and data capture firm Micro Com Systems. While visitors to the office may have noticed the distinct lack of signage, there’s actually a very compelling reason that Micro Com Systems embraces its anonymity.

    Back in the early 2000s, Micro Com was shortlisted to provide services to a firm that was contemplating adding to its internal scanning capabilities. This company had a very high public profile and needed any potential outsource partner adopt many of its methods and standards to protect its security and confidential information.

    Before committing, the organization had their security personnel conduct a thorough and methodical examination of the Micro Com offices, networks, and staff. They made a few minor recommendations, which were quickly implemented. Then they dropped a bombshell—they insisted that all signage be removed from the buildings and vehicles. MCS would be named as a partner, and therefore could become a potential target of this organization’s enemies.

    It was a difficult choice. In exchange for a significant volume of new work, all exterior branding and signage would need to be sacrificed. The partners in the company worked very hard to establish and nurture MCS, and they were very proud of their achievements. Ultimately, the opportunity for significant growth won out, the signs were removed and many, many millions of documents were scanned.

    Fast forward to 2018, the contract is finished, but there are a surprising number of corporate clients who work with sensitive information and appreciate the added security that Micro Com’s anonymity provides.

    It’s a strange twist, but in this case Micro Com’s anonymity has become a big part of the company’s corporate identity. After all, embracing ideas clients like just seems like the smart thing to do.

  4. Atiz Archival Book Scanning Vs. the Guillotine

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    Curious about the process of scanning archival books? Many of the book scanning customers who come to Micro Com Systems have works as rare and precious as—for example—the powdered wig worn by Marie Antoinette. In other words, they are priceless both in terms of history and appearance.

    As a company that specializes in all forms of document digitization, image scan & data capture, we scoured the market for the best library digitization device before purchasing the Atiz Bookdrive Pro. (more…)

  5. Micro Com Systems Arrives in Burnaby

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    Now in Burnaby BC!

    Micro Com Systems has changed locations. That’s right. The friendly service providers who specialize in providing customized Document Management Solutions have bundled up their scanners, printers, and data capture magic and moved from 27 E 7th Ave to set up shop at a brand new address near Production Way in Burnaby.

    Why the Move?

    Long before Vancouver was recognized as a high tech hub, Burnaby led the way. With heavyweights like Electronic Arts, Creo (now part of Eastman Kodak), Ballard Power Systems, and Telus opting for Burnaby, Production Way became one of the first areas to incorporate the cutting edge infrastructure and Internet capabilities specifically meant to woo the organizations pioneering new frontiers in industry, communication, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science.

    For Micro Com Systems, increased access to powerful and reliable Internet will substantially increase the ability to perform document digitization, image scan and data capture, which includes microfilm/microfiche and aperture card scanning, automated invoice processing, large format scanning—and everything in between! With over one million pages scanned and digitized every month, this translates into quicker turnaround times and better customer service—a priority for the Micro Com family.

    Equally important is the improved access afforded by the convenient proximity to the Production Way Millennium SkyTrain Line, Lougheed Highway, and the Trans-Canada Highway. Employees and guests will also have access to ample parking —a previously unknown commodity in downtown Vancouver.

    Where to Find Us

    Micro Com Systems has now resumed business as usual from their new home:

    8527 Eastlake Drive Burnaby, BC V5A 4T7

    All phone numbers remain the same. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding the move is encouraged to call 604-872-6771 or reach out online.

    Micro Com Systems New Burnaby Location Map
  6. Sunrise Junction, Microfilm Scanners by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

    Leave a Comment All aboard! Micro Com Express now departing the station! Have your tickets out please. Next stop, Microfilm scanning at Sunrise Junction. On your left, Micro Com’s very own herd of Sunrise Scanners can be seen corralled and ready for action. It’s a heartwarming tale. Like a litter of puppies, these beautiful beasts were manufactured on the same assembly line, then ripped apart from the only family they ever knew when they were bought by independent sources. But don’t shed a tear. Reaching distances as far south as Mexico, Micro Com slowly gathered the litter and provided them with a good home and a solid purpose in life.

    Seven Sunrise Microfilm Scanners, One Site

    Welcome to Sunrise Junction, home to not just one, but seven magnificent Sunrise Microfilm scanners. But why has Micro Com taken the time to slowly gather the dream team? Simple. Decades of microfilm has accumulated. A 100 years of information from cities, municipalities, regional districts, the ministry of magic, and federal and provincial governments locked away deep underground in ancient vaults guarded by dragons. Information that desperately requires conversion in the digital age where availability and accessibility are key. A little known fact, but statutory obligation in Canada requires the ability to trace land back to the beginning of time, long before Link was frozen in ice for Dave and Stony to discover. But what happens when those records inevitably begin to deteriorate? Loss of crucial, historic information accompanied by a distinctive, and nose wrinkling vinegary scent.

    Fiche and film are going the way of the Dodo

    Fiche and film are going the way of the Dodo. Only to be seen in television and movies when the heroes finally discover that crucial piece of information to turn the tables. Film is no longer a viable technology, requiring specialized and bulky equipment to fully utilize, and manufacturers are slowly shutting down production and jumping ship. Big-wigs like Netflix haul in $5.5 billion annually as digital streaming conquers the globe while the skeletal remains of Blockbuster Videos are now Dollar Stores and Starbucks. Still a little Scully? Here’s the hard truth straight from the mouth of Mulder. Film is physical. Like almost all known matter in the insignificant fraction of our explored universe, microfilm occupies space. On Earth, that space is more pricey than the Bard’s signature.

    Stop storing microfilm

    The world doesn’t need another endless warehouse for the Arc of the Covenant to disappear into and never be seen again. Not only is storing microfilm costly with rent on prime real estate, administration fees, maintenance, and de-lousing tacked on top, but microfilm has to be physically retrieved. Based on individual circumstances, it may become the lengthy bureaucratic process Hermes Conrad lives for in order to requisition microfilm, or it could involve creeping down creaky stairs into the eerie basement with a single swinging lightbulb.

    Save space, instant access

    Digital information can be accessed with a few strokes of a key and easily distributed to all parties. No muss. No fuss. Granted, microfilm makes an excellent non-technological back-up for the day Croatoan engulfs humanity, but even naive, lovable Castiel has embraced the wonders of modern technology.

    The process of film to digital formats

    The process of film to digital isn’t all that different from document. Here in Sunrise Junction, sitting amongst the likes of the Waco Kid and Big Hoss – two of Micro Com’s prized beauties – our microfilm scanning technicians know how to coax out the perfect performance from the herd. Our Microfilm scanners are sturdier than a guild’s best tank, and even contain their own onboard computer that allows them to function independently, and possibly even navigate an asteroid belt with C3PO shrieking the odds in the background. Never tell our technicians the odds. They’ll beat them every time, even in the face of the impossible; create a dupe roll, drop the density, switch the polarity, or mask each individual frame for scanning with Monica Gellar precision.

    The digital era is upon us

    Far too often, history is lost. Hidden away in the dank and dark, and slowly forgotten like a lost city buried for centuries when it should be preserved for future generations. Everyday the world grows smaller with the rapid dissemination of Grumpy Cat’s latest meme, election controversies, and the never ending squabbles of countries’ unrest. The digital era is upon us. Whatever your needs, professional or personal, MCS Vancouver Scanning services aims to ease the transition, bringing images stored on deteriorating film into high definition and at your fingertips rather than on clunky old machines gathering dust in library basements. Time to crack open those X-Files.

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  7. Large Format Scanning – It’s Gonna be Huge! by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

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    Large Format Scanning

    One size fits all is a myth. Life exists beyond letter and legal. Course the paper pushers down the block beg to differ with their singular belief that the sun, moon, and stars revolve around them. Time to prove them wrong with the next stop on the whirlwind Micro Com Vancouver tour – Large Format. Please secure your table trays, stow your carry-on, and put your seat in an upright position. We’re cleared for takeoff.

    No challenge too big

    With large format, we’re talking BIG. Not Tom Hanks, but more life size, signed Andre the Giant poster big. Anybody want a peanut? Anything that measures in excess of 11×17 (inches) officially classifies, and wins a special trip. No challenge too big. We scan Engineering plans, building schematics, rollercoaster designs, “Just hang in there” motivational kitten posters, or Happy Birthday balloon banners.

    Large Format, Assemble!

    During the day to day, our large format technicians battle documents often taller than themselves. That’s saying something considering the rookie technician rivals Padalecki proportions. But Moose and Squirrel would be out of their element waging this war without the years of experience our large format scanning department boasts. So what happens when regular old document scanning meets large format? It’s as simple as a game of iSpy on the prairies. Large format is handed off and scanned separately. (Batteries not included.) What is included is proper indexing. Preppers leave little markers for ease of navigation, and images are inserted into their rightful place in the Dewey Decimal system – or which ever, possibly more logical, form of organization used.

    All scanning options are open

    Micro Com can handle all your scanning needs with the wide array of scanners and tools at their disposal. We’re not going to need a bigger boat. Documents are primped and pampered. More importantly, protected. Specially made acetate sleeves act as a protective forcefield that the rebel forces on Endor can’t destroy. Delicate materials are slipped in and sealed to safeguard against damage when fed through the capture path. And throughout MCS’s long history of document imaging, the team has tackled a few difficult and rare finds. Ancient Chinese scrolls and beautiful watercolours, authentic drafting linens from original settlements, and perhaps a treasure map or two that may lead to Atlantis or uncover Camelot. But Captain Jack Sparrow is suspiciously silent on the location with his compass that doesn’t point North. And Micro Com hereby solemnly swears not to upload Moloch the Defiler into the cloud when scanning ancient texts and renderings. This concludes this leg of the tour. Please remove your headphones in preparation for landing. Hope you enjoyed the brief introduction to the vast world of large format scanning and hope you fly with us again.

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  8. The Scanning Room Floor: Double-sided Automated Feed Scanning, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

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    Rapid Double-sided Document Automated Feed Scanner!

    Rapid Double-sided Document Automated Feed Scanner!


    Hi, I’m Mr. M. Com, president and CEO of Micro Com’s Rapid Double-sided Document Automated Feed Scanner Emporium and Warehouse. Thanks to a veteran staff, we’re currently cranking out digitized documents at the speed of light on our Rapid Double-sided Document Automated Feed Scanners, and we’re looking to pass the savings on to YOUUUUUUUU! Impress new clients of your business. WOW your boss at your next meeting. Consolidate your clutter. Protect your files. Confuse your file room clerk. Salaryman? Surf a secure server. Burn down that stuffy warehouse or just toss out those paperweights. Whatever your Rapid Double-sided Document Automated Feed Scanner needs are! So call us now at Micro Com’s Rapid Double-sided Document Automated Feed Scanner Emporium and Warehouse.

    Jokes aside

    Jokes aside, Micro Com Systems is home to real industry veterans – some that have been with the company since the beginning of time. They ate dinosaurs for breakfast. Alright, so let’s not throw all humour out the window. Micro Com’s diligent scanning division can be separated into three distinct sections amidst the hullabaloo of the production floor: Paper Document, Large Format, and Microfilm. So weigh anchor and hoist the mainsail. We’re about to set sail on a whirlwind tour of the action, starting with the scanning room floor.

    Scanning operations at our Vancouver location

    Ground level – proper preparation of your documents. Step right up. See the amazing Micro-Machines that give the Sailor Scouts a run for their money with teamwork, determination, and skill, with more flair and style than Tuxedo Mask. Every sheet of paper passes through the hands of our experienced preppers. They wade through the Sea of Internal Office Memo and scale Triplicate Peaks on a daily basis. Each and every document is handled with due care and attention, and specially prepared for the least impact during scanning, especially documents of a more fragile than the skin of an onion. MCS ensures they may live long and prosper before parting ways.

    Archival Book Scanning & Digitizing Service

    Worried about the wear and tear on sensitive and fragile documents during the digitization process? Worry no longer. Peace of mind is ‘The Priestly’ of Micro Com. You have a project, Micro Com will find a way to bring it to fruition. But it’s not all about shucking paperclips and staples. Life moves pretty fast, and if you’re not careful, you’ll miss it while drowning poorly maintained file rooms. MCS’s preppers organize documents into a coherent system prior to scanning for ease of navigation once converted to a digital medium, instead of a jumble of documents thrown into a folder with a label slapped on the cover. After documents have undergone the careful scrutiny of the meticulous preppers, several methods of scanning are utilized based on individual needs. Different strokes for different folks, whether that be paper, microfilm, aperture cards, slides, or even negatives. You have it. MCS scans it. Delicate materials? Our scrupulous scanner technicians work with a variety of scanners to find the best solution. Like a high resolution book scanner that gently cradles your books. No need to destroy the beautiful bindings or integrity of your priceless first editions, or tear apart your comic book collection. Over the years, Micro Com has handled rather delicate and brittle documents preserved from decades long past, including ancient newspapers and beautiful scrolls, enabling the ability to share these precious pieces of history without endangering the original material.

    High volume scanning

    High volume becomes no challenge with our rapid double-sided document automated feed scanners that easily manage a volume of 120 single pages scanned per minute. Double-sided? Double it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – large print edition – scanned cover to cover faster than a Firebolt. Crunch the numbers. That’s over 700 pages in 3 minutes. Imagine the mountains of information stored in musty warehouses that could be transfigured with an ease that would make McGonagall proud.

    Custom scanning services

    But what about the custom options? Customize to meet your specific needs, because like snowflakes, no two clients are the same. Work with our knowledgeable team and peruse a mockup to find what’s right for you. Black and white? Sure. Grayscale? Can do. Colour? You bet your kitten. Crisp clean images, indexed, named, and organized according to your will at your fingertips. The Overlord would be pleased. So what are you waiting for? Firefly’s Second Season?

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