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  1. Old Technology Leads to New Beginnings at Vancouver Scanning Company

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    For a company that specializes in scanning and document digitization, the rapid evolution of technology is a simple reality. Even long-term employees nearing the age of retirement embraced the use of technology decades ago—in both their work and private lives.

    Of course, not everyone belongs in this camp. One wonderful employee in particular spent nearly their entire career pursuing analog work streams. Their focus was the microfilm cameras—and the large, specialized drawings and documents that didn’t translate well onto scanners and other more modern solutions.

    This operator flat out refused to learn about computers, even when the company offered to pay for a series of courses. In fact, the term technophobe was woefully inadequate to express the object horror that somehow technical inaptitude would lead to the downfall of expensive equipment.

    Various work options were tried: high-speed document scanners, large format scanners, book scanners—all met with failure. At this point, management was becoming increasingly concerned about finding the employee a long-term role since the tech kept changing in just about every department.

    Finally, one inspired supervisor suggested quality image control. The task was relatively simple. All that was required was navigating to a specified folder and opening the first image by clicking it. Then the employee simply had to advance through all the images in the work folder, making notes of any missing, abnormal or skewed images that required re-scanning. The logic was an image is an image, whether it’s on microfilm or a high-resolution screen. Moreover, the work was very similar to what the employee had performed for years, inspecting microfilm on a light table.

    Ultimately, it proved to be the great fit, and Micro Com gained one of its greatest quality controllers in the history of operations. Over time, the employee’s fear of computers subsided considerably—they’re even approaching new technically oriented tasks with cautious optimism.

    The moral of the story is that bridging a change sometimes requires small steps—but it can lead to new directions and positive outcomes for all concerned.

  2. Digitization and Scanning: The Files from Beyond

    Leave a Comment Digitization and scanning seem like relatively straightforward tasks. But when you run a large-scale service bureau, the reality is that no two jobs are ever quite the same. As two of our scanning specialists, Kathy Di Tomaso and Shelley Vogt have over 70 years of experience handling other people’s paper, between them. And these ladies know that delivering high-quality results takes a little extra effort—and considerable expertise.

    Vancouver Document Scanning

    As a fully scalable scanning and digitization centre in Vancouver, Micro Com Systems is often called on to do jobs for government organizations, libraries, as well as private companies. Sometimes these clients have procrastinated on important digitization projects a little longer than advisable. As a result, team members have to be prepared to negotiate a number of challenges when sorting through thousands of boxes that have on occasion contained documents dating as far back as the 1800s—as well as other surprises. Every sheet of paper must be checked before it can be fed into a scanner. Folds have to be smoothed and staples need be removed. Even older documents on the brink of disintegration have to be prepared. And it’s up to the team members at Micro Com to digitize these documents before the information they contain is lost forever. Of course, dust is a regular occurrence when sorting. But sometimes documents have also been exposed to fire and flooding. This might mean removing little burned bits of paper or separating documents that are gummed together with mould and mildew. There’s even been the occasional post-mortem mouse, which one can only hope expired peacefully after a long and fulfilling life nibbling on select documents.

    Vancouver Scanning Company

    Today, team members are prepared for anything. And they have access to protective gloves and lab coats that can be donned when necessary. Besides negotiating the occasional biohazard, there are the more predictable challenges. Papers that are stained, dog-eared, and crumpled all require special pre-press preparation. Then there are the older documents that are occasionally secured by staples that are so big and strong that removing them take brute strength and pliers! Team members have even been called on to handle rare and valuable books and scrolls printed on exotic materials like cotton, onion skin, and linen. The point is, whatever you’re working with, reliable team members like Kathy and Shelley have been there and done that. Document digitization allows businesses to free up valuable real estate by disposing of a surplus of storage boxes—and best of all they need never discover the surprises that await within.

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  3. Large Format Scanning – It’s Gonna be Huge! by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

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    Large Format Scanning

    One size fits all is a myth. Life exists beyond letter and legal. Course the paper pushers down the block beg to differ with their singular belief that the sun, moon, and stars revolve around them. Time to prove them wrong with the next stop on the whirlwind Micro Com Vancouver tour – Large Format. Please secure your table trays, stow your carry-on, and put your seat in an upright position. We’re cleared for takeoff.

    No challenge too big

    With large format, we’re talking BIG. Not Tom Hanks, but more life size, signed Andre the Giant poster big. Anybody want a peanut? Anything that measures in excess of 11×17 (inches) officially classifies, and wins a special trip. No challenge too big. We scan Engineering plans, building schematics, rollercoaster designs, “Just hang in there” motivational kitten posters, or Happy Birthday balloon banners.

    Large Format, Assemble!

    During the day to day, our large format technicians battle documents often taller than themselves. That’s saying something considering the rookie technician rivals Padalecki proportions. But Moose and Squirrel would be out of their element waging this war without the years of experience our large format scanning department boasts. So what happens when regular old document scanning meets large format? It’s as simple as a game of iSpy on the prairies. Large format is handed off and scanned separately. (Batteries not included.) What is included is proper indexing. Preppers leave little markers for ease of navigation, and images are inserted into their rightful place in the Dewey Decimal system – or which ever, possibly more logical, form of organization used.

    All scanning options are open

    Micro Com can handle all your scanning needs with the wide array of scanners and tools at their disposal. We’re not going to need a bigger boat. Documents are primped and pampered. More importantly, protected. Specially made acetate sleeves act as a protective forcefield that the rebel forces on Endor can’t destroy. Delicate materials are slipped in and sealed to safeguard against damage when fed through the capture path. And throughout MCS’s long history of document imaging, the team has tackled a few difficult and rare finds. Ancient Chinese scrolls and beautiful watercolours, authentic drafting linens from original settlements, and perhaps a treasure map or two that may lead to Atlantis or uncover Camelot. But Captain Jack Sparrow is suspiciously silent on the location with his compass that doesn’t point North. And Micro Com hereby solemnly swears not to upload Moloch the Defiler into the cloud when scanning ancient texts and renderings. This concludes this leg of the tour. Please remove your headphones in preparation for landing. Hope you enjoyed the brief introduction to the vast world of large format scanning and hope you fly with us again.

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  4. Art Scanning & Digital Document Management Services, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

    Leave a Comment Recently, Micro Com Systems, Vancouver’s Digitization & Document Management Service provided services for a unique project for Wild Rose, a local Vancouver company that creates tattoo clothing art for those who want to dip their toe in the world of ink.

    Vancouver Art Scanning & Digitization for Electronic File Management

    Tattoos: a form of artistic self expression of the willfully misunderstood that fight the power or merely the status quo of an over-indulgent spoiled culture? An unfortunate stigma follows tattoos, and an unfair one at that. Employability is judged on whether or not they choose to express themselves through the change of skin pigment with ink inserted into the dermis layer of skin. Regardless of unfair stereotypes ready to pounce like an irritable cat, in the last few decades, tattoos steadily gained momentum within North American countries and around the world. In fact, 39% of Canadian millennials (ages 18-29) claim at least one tattoo. Today’s youth are lining up for a chance to be inked faster than Beliebers on a Twitter witch hunt, but in the last few years, numbers for tattoo removal have increased exponentially to hover in the low thirties. Of course, there are always those unable to commit to something quite so permanent, or possibly painful. Whatever the reason – allergies, phobia, employment – options exist for those who want to show off their own artsy wild side: an airbrush booth at any fair, or the fake generic tattoos bought in pack at any dollar store. Tattoo Art Vancouver Scanning & Digitization for Electronic File Management
  5. Non-Destructive Scanning: Long Scrolls of Chinese Watercolour Art

    Leave a Comment The majority of the scanning services in Vancouver we provide are to capture business documents for companies so that they can more easily access and manage the information contained within these documents.

    We Scan Delicate Artwork & Large Format

    Sometimes we run into requests from potential clients to scan things that are a little out of the ordinary. Such was the case when were approached by a company that had “Artwork” to scan. Our initial impression was that this would be scanning oil paintings or some other type of material that does not lend itself to scanning through a traditional large format scanner, which transport the material through it as it is scanned. The concern was that we could potentially damage our equipment in trying to scan the Artwork or even worse, damage the client’s material!

    Non-Destructive Scanning: Scrolls of Chinese Watercolour

    Scan Artwork

    Scanning Scrolls 20 Feet Long!

    After further discussions with the client, it turned out that the objects were in fact, scrolls of Chinese watercolours. These scrolls could be up to 20 or more feet long, but fortunately, they were only up to three feet wide. The scrolls were painted on thick paper/cloth and given their considerable length, could impose problems feeding through a scanner. To alleviate our concerns, we suggested that they bring some of the material to our office so that we could try scanning it and see how it would feed and gauge the quality  the of the resulting images.

    Getting High Quality Digital Images

    We spent most of the morning testing and scanning their Artwork to ensure that the documents would feed correctly, not damage the material and produce high quality digital images. They needed the best possible results so that they could digitally archive them. But, they also needed to be able to reduce the file size for easy viewing and to make them accessible on the Internet. The digital images produced were excellent and the client was very happy. Doing a test of the documents allowed us to confirm that our method of scanning worked and the resulting images were what the client required.

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