Scanpro 2200/3000/i9300
Microfilm Scanners

Key Benefits:

  • Best value, lowest cost microfilm scanners available today
  • USB 3.0 Interface for simple connectivity and fastest image transfer
  • Compact footprint, easy to use software
  • Works with any popular microform

ScanPro 2200

The ScanPro 2200 is the best value, lowest-cost microfilm scanner on the market today. Whether you are looking to replace your old reader/printer or just need a budget-friendly option for making look-ups and doing research, the 2200 will meet your needs:

  • Provides magnification to observe fine details, covers wide range of document reductions
  • One-click scanning to multiple locations
  • It is the best reader printer replacement producing high quality images
  • Largest pixels in the industry producing the clearest image

ScanPro 3000

The ScanPro 3000 high performance 26 MP camera1 captures clean crisp images that make research and look-ups fast and easy. These clean crisp images even improves the speed and accuracy of OCR.

  • Features the highest performance 26 megapixel pixel-shifting camera”SPOT-Edit™” capabilities
  • 7x-105x wide range optical zoom covers all film magnifications and makes the smallest text and details clear
  • Continual image focus
  • “AUTO-Adjust” capabilities with easy scanning or printing
  • Integrated OCR  capabilities

ScanPro i9300

The versatile ScanPro i9300 All-In-One can capture all of your blipped film, whether it is Kodak, Canon, Minolta, 3M AGFA or custom formatted film regardless of brand. The AUTO-Scan automatically scans roll film and fiche with speed and accuracy at 20 images/minute and with the optional AUTO-Scan Pro, that speed increases to 100 images per minute

  • Provides the ability  to read one, two and three level image marks (blips)
  • Includes AUTO-Carrier for scanning fiche/jacked fiche & roll film carrier
  • Equipped with a 26 megapixel camera & fully integrated OCR technology
  • 1-click AUTO: Straighten/Crop/Brightness/Contrast

Microfilm Scanners