Archival Book Scanning & Digitizing Service in Vancouver BC


Key Benefits:

  • Scan collections of archival bound books of all sizes and descriptions
  • Special scanning equipment to harmlessly capture archival books and special collections without damaging or removing binding
  • We perform image cleanup, color manipulation, and cropping
  • Final output can be converted to any popular image format for easy storage, digital archiving, and sharing

Many of our book scanning and library digitization customers have special collections of archival bound books of all sizes and descriptions. In many ways, they are priceless in terms of appearance and content.

Non Destructive Book Scanning

We scoured the marketplace looking for the best device to capture the information contained within our client’s collections and happily purchased the Atiz Bookdrive Pro. It’s simple but ingenious design allows us to capture both sides of a book right to the gutter or margin at very high resolution in full color in RAW format. During subsequent processing, we perform image cleanup, color manipulation (if required), cropping and conversion to any popular image format.

Free Sample: Digitized Book Archiving

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique requirements, take away a book, and prepare a FREE sample for your perusal and approval.

Contact us at 1.604.872.6771 to get your library digitally backed up and archived.

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