Scanning & Digitization

We are engaged in all forms of document digitization, image scanning & data capture. From microfilm / microfiche and aperture card scanning, to automated invoice processing, through to large format scanning and everything in between, we process well over a million per pages a month on site or in our client’s offices. We have decades of experience, highly knowledgeable staff and scalable capacity. With clients from virtually every industry, we are used to tight turnarounds and can provide the software, hardware, and personnel to assist with backfile conversion or document digitization, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

What’s New at Micro Com Systems Ltd.

Business Lessons Learned From The COVID-19 Era

Now that we have been living with Covid for more than a year, several new realities have become the new norms. Hand sanitizer, masks and lysol wipes all have become red hot commodities virtually overnight….

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Document Management and 5S: How they can help you in business organization

  You have certainly heard of the 5S Program, haven’t you? Have you thought about implementing or are you already implementing the methodology in your company? If so, stay tuned in this post. We will…

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What is it and How to Set up a Corporate Sustainability Strategy?

Corporate sustainability strategies have become essential within a business plan. They can help your company to spend much less and are essential to stimulate the growth and development of the business. Themes related to environmental…

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What to know when buying your own office scanners

If you need to purchase an every-day office scanner, you have many options to choose from. Each comes with its own unique features set so how do you narrow down which one is right for…

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When to choose on-site document scanning services

As more businesses take a closer look at their budgets, we’re seeing many turning to professional services like document scanning and digitization to save costs and time for large volume scanning projects.  Large Document Scanning…

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