Scanning & Digitization

We are engaged in all forms of document digitization, image scanning & data capture. From microfilm / microfiche and aperture card scanning, to automated invoice processing, through to large format scanning and everything in between, we process well over a million per pages a month on site or in our client’s offices. We have decades of experience, highly knowledgeable staff and scalable capacity. With clients from virtually every industry, we are used to tight turnarounds and can provide the software, hardware, and personnel to assist with backfile conversion or document digitization, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

What’s New at Micro Com Systems Ltd.

Document Scanning Costs How Much?

Document Scanning Services in Vancouver, BC “How much?” “That sounds like a lot of money!” “For that amount, we’ll get our own scanner and do the work ourselves!” Over the past 46 years, our document…

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Micro Com Systems Vancouver Legal Scanning Services

Legal Documents Secured Scanning Services in Metro Vancouver, BC. Law firms have many reasons to consider scanning their client records and working papers alike. Let’s examine a few of these. A paper copy of a…

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Keeping Your Medical Records Safe In Any Tragic Event (Flood, Fire, and Theft)

Medical Records Scanning Services In Vancouver Have you ever thought about medical records? Probably not. After all, there’s more to do with our time than think about X-Rays, medical charts, and whatnot. Nevertheless, medical records…

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How Document Scanning Services Can Help Businesses Return Back To Normal After Covid-19

After a year and a half of darkness, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel here in BC. With Covid-19 vaccinations soaring a return to “normal” life could be soon…

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Micro Com Systems New Digitalization Services Team Member Quinn

Micro Com Systems is pleased to announce the newest member of our digitalization services team: Quinn Diepold. Quinn has 20+years of sales experience and brings a lot to his position of Account Representative. Interview with…

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