Scanning & Digitization

We are engaged in all forms of document digitization, image scanning & data capture. From microfilm / microfiche and aperture card scanning, to automated invoice processing, through to large format scanning and everything in between, we process well over a million per pages a month on site or in our client’s offices. We have decades of experience, highly knowledgeable staff and scalable capacity. With clients from virtually every industry, we are used to tight turnarounds and can provide the software, hardware, and personnel to assist with backfile conversion or document digitization, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

What’s New at Micro Com Systems Ltd.

Filing Cabinets and Document Scanning Services For Vancouver Businesses

What do we have against filing cabinets? After all, they are part of every office in every corner of the globe. They are certainly innocuous enough, lining the back walls, painted in neutral and pleasant…

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Skip the Scanner?

The pandemic caused a significant amount of change in the way that business is conducted. Many corporations saw their fortunes skyrocket as employees started working from home. Online communication portals like Zoom and MS Teams…

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Have You Ever Thought About Digitizing Your X-Rays?

X-rays. We have all had one. They are a ubiquitous part of visiting the dentist, and, if you participated in contact sports, an unfortunate sidebar to getting hurt in competition. We all know what they…

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MCS Vancouver – Large Format Scanning Services

Do you have a library of large format maps or plans in rolls, flat files, or hanging files? Do they take up far too much valuable office space? Are they relegated to storage boxes out…

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Micro Com Systems, Document Scanning Solutions for Cities, Municipal Governments, Regional Districts, and Townships

Since 1975, locally owned Micro Com Systems (MCS) has offered document scanning solutions for Cities, Municipal Governments, Regional Districts, and Townships in Canada. We proudly provide the most comprehensive range of document digitization services in…

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