Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services in Vancouver BC


Key Benefits:

  • Combine old technologies and new by digitizing microfilm and microfiche archives
  • Significantly improve image quality from microforms over traditional microfilm equipment
  • Bring historical documents from microfilm archives into modern document management systems
  • Make history come alive!
  • Scan and print high resolution images from microfilm

MCS has seven Sunrise microform scanners, several of which are operated for two shifts per day. We acquired our first Sunrise scanner well over 15 years ago and over that time we have converted tens of millions of images from microfilm and microfiche. We have a dedicated group of experienced operators, many of whom have been with us for years.

Why scan your legacy microfilm or microfiche?

  • Most of the existing microfilm/microfiche retrieval equipment became obsolete or service contract costs were unreasonable.
  • Many clients wanted to have legacy records digitized and included with current records.
  • Historical data on microforms has tremendous value!
  • Modern microform scanners produce high resolution images that are significantly more legible than what was available from readers.
  • Converted microfilm is acceptable as courtroom evidence because the information cannot be altered.

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