Digital Mailroom Services & Document Processing Automation in Vancouver BC

Top 6 Reasons to Embrace the Digital Mailroom Automation Process:


  1. Eliminates the need for you to maintain personnel and systems to open and deliver incoming mail.

  2. Reduces the time needed to distribute critical mail to your employees, making them more efficient.

  3. Improves customer service, by processing client’s requests in a fraction of the time.

  4. Reduces or even eliminates manual indexing by your employees.

  5. Our services allow you to reassign mailroom staff to revenue generating functions.

  6. Digital mail metadata can trigger other system processes, further reducing manual intervention.

Imagine the Benefits of a Digital Mailroom without the Aggravation.

Wouldn’t you like to get your incoming mail into your business systems, in record time without the trouble of setting up the infrastructure?  Our Digital Mailroom services will do just that!


Here’s How Our Digital Mailroom Service Works

Vancouver digital mailroom workflow for MCS

As a professional digital mailroom service we will:

  1. Receive your incoming paper-based, analog mail, direct to our facility.

  2.  Open and prepare the mail for scanning.

  3.  Scan the mail.

  4.  Perform strict quality assurance of all documents.

  5.  Extract required textual metadata from the scanned images.

  6.  Create high quality, searchable PDF files, or your preferred image format.

  7.  Deliver all information to you digitally, discretely and securely.

We can deliver the digital end-product directly to your internal systems via FTP or secure link, without your personnel touching the in-coming mail.

So, there are no headaches, no learning curve, plus no systems and staff to maintain, to perform a function that is not your core competency.

In short… we do it all your you!


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