On Site Scanning & Digitization Services in Vancouver BC


Key Benefits:

  • We can scan confidential or sensitive documents within the safety of your office
  • No need to worry about transfer or potential loss of documents
  • We’ll come to you and finish the job on premises
  • Micro Com has the ability to handle any workload, even if millions of documents require conversion

Over the years, we have encountered many scanning and digitization situations that could only be properly addressed by taking our equipment and staff members to a customer’s premises.

Among the special circumstances were clients requiring:

  • Scanning documents of a highly confidential nature
  • Digitization of paper records that are in constant use
  • Hundreds of thousands or millions of documents to be digitally converted

To facilitate a successful on-site digitization project, our team requires it’s own secured workspace, but we provide everything else. Every engagement is unique. MCS Vancouver is interested in any and all on-site scanning opportunities.

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