Dental Record/Chart Scanning Services in Vancouver BC

Key Benefits:

  • Dental Practice Management Software (DPMS) CompatibleStore all of your historical charts as PDF attachments to the patient’s file in your system.  We have the ability to structure data that will easily import into most DPM systems.
  • Disaster RecoveryOnce your dental patient charts are digitized, the data can be stored on your office systems, plus backed up off-site to protect them from fire, theft, deterioration, misfiling or loss.
  • Worldwide RetrievalOnce in a digital format, dental files can be safely retrieved on-line instantly from anywhere.  Eliminates the need to carry around paper charts.
  • Standalone SystemAlternatively, your dental records can be stored on encrypted and password protected electronic media, separate from your DPM system.  MCS can provide simple and inexpensive solutions to access your files.  This is perfect for retirement or transfer of dental practice.

Are Your Historical Paper Dental Charts Safe From Fire, Theft or Lossor Just Taking Up Valuable Space?


Micro Com Systems Ltd in Vancouver has scanned hundreds of thousands of patient charts, x-rays, and other medical records over the past many years. Through our evaluation program, we create a service package based on your specific needs at no cost to you. We’ll also prepare a FREE sample using your own documents.

Please contact us to get your digital conversion started. Our Vancouver digitization service bureau scans well over a million pages a month on behalf of our many electronic healthcare records management clients in Vancouver BC and across Canada.

Digitizing Dental Records with MCS

Using our high speed scanning equipment, we can scan and digitize your existing patient records, including Paper Dental Chart Scanning and Dental X-Ray Scanning, in a fraction of the time it would take your staff.

Digitization of your charts will facilitate the  electronic storage and management of dental records and patient data.

In most cases, we can leverage current patient data to minimize data entry costs and eliminate data-entry errors, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Leading Medical & Dental Records Scanning Services in Vancouver

Micro Com Systems Ltd. has been providing document imaging services for over 45 years, and scanning services for almost 30 years. We’re Vancouver BC’s leading document imaging company.

Contact us for more information or to have your medical records needs assessed.

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