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PDF Cataloging Vancouver OCR Software Solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Cataloging enacts the “Key-Word” searching features embedded in the free Adobe Reader Software
  • Reduces scanning costs by eliminating the need to capture searchable metadata for each document
  • All data and the catalog can be self-contained on a CD, DVD, USB Drive, server or network share
  • Searching the catalog is very fast, even across millions of PDF files

Adobe PDF has become a de facto standard format for document search and delivery.

MCS can generate a master catalog for records that span multiple volumes and millions of records providing a very inexpensive and robust alternative to full document management system implementations.

How PDF Cataloging & OCR Software works:

Each digitized or scanned image is captured to produce a “searchable” (OCR’d) PDF file.

Note: The documents must be typed (or, at least the data for which you will be searching) and relatively clean in appearance to allow for accurate OCR recognition.

A database is automatically created of all text in each PDF file. This allows for global searching throughout the entire data set of PDF files.

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