Konica Minolta Microfilm Scanners in Vancouver

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Key Benefits:

  • A powerful and compact scanning solution
  • View black and white images in as little as 1 second
  • Quickly digitize and view transparencies or negatives, microfilm, aperture cards, and 16mm or 35mm microfilm, and  negative and positive colour film
  • Features include a small footprint in conjunction with simple USB plug and play connectivity

SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanner

The SL1000 digital film scanner offers a fast, powerful and compact scanning solution for all your microforms.
Images can be viewed and scanned in colour or black and white in as little as one second.

With a quick 1 second scanning speed, the Minolta SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanner allows you to quickly digitize and view transparencies or negatives, microfilmaperture cards, and 16mm or 35 mm microfilm.

SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanner Vancouver


The Minolta SL1000 features a motorised combination carrier and single zoom lens, enabling viewing and scanning of microfiche jackets, aperture cards, 16mm & 35mm roll film and negative and positive colour film.



The SL1000 has a small footprint in conjunction with simple USB plug and play connectivity (no additional PC cards required) enables it to fit comfortably, into any library or office environment.

  • Touchscreen UI: SL-Touch Software supplied as standard and can be used in touchscreen or normal mode.
  • Film Type supported:  Colour Film/Monochrome Film, Negative Film/Positive Film, Micro Fiche Film, Jacket Film, Aperture Card, 16/35mm Roll Film, 16mm Cartridge Film (ANSI & M-Type), Micro Opaque, Colour transparencies and negatives up to 35mm.
  • Resolution: 100 – 600 dpi (Optical Resolution 360dpi).
  • Scan Speed: Approx. 1 second.
  • Lens Magnification: Optical Zoom 7 – 54x, Optical Zoom + Electrical Zoom 7 – 105x.
  • Focus adjustment:  Auto or Manual.
  • Output format:  JPEG,  PNG, BMP, PDF, PDF multi page, TIFF(Compression/Non-compression/G4), TIFF multi page.

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