Accounts Payable Automation–Invoice Data Extraction Vancouver

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline and simplify data extraction
  • Benefit from highly accurate, reliable results when processing large volumes
  • Reduce cost per invoice by 50%
  • Extracts number data from varied, highly complex invoices
  • Save time with a shorter invoice processing cycle

Automated Data Entry

Manual invoice processing is costly, time consuming and prone to errors. Why not consider doing things a better way?

Invoice Extract: Automated Invoice Processing Service

With INVOICE EXTRACT, the invoice header, footer and line item data are electronically captured, validated, and corrected using Abbyy’s proven “Flexicapture” electronic data capture technology. As an invoice processing service, you don’t purchase or maintain any software, you pay on a per page or per invoice basis only for what you use, at a fraction of the cost of traditional data entry.

Electronic Data Capture

MCS document scanning specialists can extract data from original paper invoices, scanned images (.tif, .pdf or .jpg), incoming fax or EDI. We work with you to cooperatively determine exactly which fields you are interested in extracting, and what form of data output you require to seed your Accounts Payable, ERP, CRM, EDMS or other legacy applications.

Go Paperless: Data Capture for Businesses Automation

Our OCR automation technology also effectively electronically captures and processes waybills, statements, correspondence, shipping & receiving records, accounts receivable, and corporate documents, in short, any structured, semi structured or unstructured forms.

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