Aperture Card Scanning Services in Vancouver BC

aperture card scanning Vancouver

Key Benefits:

  • Turn historic images into useable and easily shareable digital data
  • Allows for significant image cleanup and enhancement
  • Able to capture Hollerith data keypunched on cards
  • Outputs can be generated in a variety of formats including Group 4 TIFF and PDF among many others

Aperture Card Scanning Services

Aperture Cards (AP Cards) were a very popular way to store engineering drawings, building plans, maps and other large format items once microfilmedMCS in Vancouver BC has two Wicks and Wilson Aperture Card scanners to convert historic images to useful digital data.

The scan software we use allows for significant image cleanup and enhancement. Often, the digital image produced is better than the visual quality of the original microfilm image. We can also capture Hollerith data keypunched on the cards negating the need for additional data entry.

A variety of output image types can be generated, most notably, Group 4 TIFF and PDF.

Contact our Vancouver scanning facility We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique requirements, take away a handful of aperture cards, and prepare a FREE sample for your perusal and approval.

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