Document, Drawing/Plan & Microfilm Scanning Services for Utility Companies

Document Scanning Key Benefits:

  • Digitized mission critical documents, empower decision makers with immediate access to information.
  • Simplifies the distribution of information to project sites, both locally and around the world.
  • Stops the impending deterioration of priceless legacy documentation.
  • Using our scanning services frees up your staff to do more productive tasks that are part of your core competency.

Increase emergency response time, while saving cost by digitizing your paper based, mission critical documents.


Micro Com Systems Ltd has scanned literally thousands of boxes of paper documents plans and microfilm to high quality, digital files for utility companies over the years.

We have automated procedures to combine both documents and plans in the same PDF file, with the plan in original place were it resided in the paper file.

Plans can be combined by discipline or project, as a series of drawings into one PDF file, or individually by drawing number.

Please contact us to get your digital conversion started. Our Vancouver digitization service bureau scans well over a million pages a month on behalf of our many electronic healthcare records management clients in Vancouver BC and across Canada.

Large Scale Digitizing of Documents & Plans in Vancouver BC

Using our high speed scanning equipment, we can scan  your existing paper-based infrastructure documentation, plans and microfilm, in a fraction of the time it would take your staff.

In most cases, we can leverage existing client information in legacy applications to minimize data entry costs and eliminate data-entry errors, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Additionally, we can use our Recognition Server (OCR engine) to make every document fully text searchable.

Local Records Scanning Services

Micro Com Systems Ltd. has been providing document imaging services for almost 45 years, and scanning services for the last 27 years. We’re BC’s leading document imaging company.

Contact us for more information or to have your legal records needs assessed.

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