Kofax Capture Scanning Software


Key Benefits:

  • Automates and accelerates business processes
  • Capture information from paper and electronic sources quickly, easily and accurately
  • Define where and how images are captured and indexed

Kofax Capture delivers production-level document and data capture to produce retrievable information, and delivers it into your business applications or databases. No matter what hardware or enterprise applications you choose now or in the future, you can count on Kofax Capture for consistent capture, indexing and validation of your information. Micro Com Systems Vancouver Scanning Service is a Kofax Global Partner.

Multichannel Capture

Convert paper and electronic documents into usable information for your business systems and processes.


Automate the understanding of documents and convert them into useful, electronic business information.

VRS Elite

Automatically enhance the quality of scanned images for increased productivity and better data.

Kofax Express

Capture, index and export images and data with a powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use system.

For more information about Kofax Capture or other Data Capture Scanning Software, call Micro Com Systems or visit the Kofax web site.

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