Vancouver Document Scanning Services

MCS offers services and solutions for document and microfilm scanning, data capture, and more. We can process letter/legal documents, oversized drawings and maps, microfiche, microfilm, photos, and receipts.  We also specialize in the conversion of legal & medical records.

We work with all levels of business and industry–if you have it, we can scan it. We also provide document scanning services in B.C. – Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince Rupert, Whitehorse, Yukon, Vernon…etc.

Document Scanning, Data Capture Services & Solutions

If you need access to your documents on a regular basis, consider having them scanned and digitized. MCS works with you to determine your needs, including document volume, turnaround time, image format, quality and cost. Our interactive scanning process ensures accuracy between original paper documents and the digitized documents.

Paper Document Scanning

We can digitally scan any size paper documents. Mixed sizes and weights? No problem!

Large Format Scanning

Oversize maps and plans that need to be digitized ? We scan thousands or large format images every day.

Microfilm Scanning

With a fleet of Sunrise scanners we scan 16 and 35mm roll microfilm and all formats of microfiche and convert to digital images!

Aperture Card Scanning

Our Vancouver scanning facility specializes in Aperture Card scanning (or AP Card scanning) with our two Wicks and Wilson devices.

Ugly Records Scanning

Digitizing random sized invoices & receipts? Paper files in bad shape? Lots of attachments? Plenty of staples? We have a solution!

On Site Digitization Service

If your files are highly confidential, or if you have a significant volume of work to digitize, we can come to you!

Medical Records Scanning

We have scanned thousands and thousands of patient charts and records.

Archival / Non-Destructive Scanning

We also specialize in Archival and Preservation scanning; ideal for scanning valuable books, digitizing libraries and rare documents.


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