ALOS Microfilm/Microfiche Reader Printer/Scanner Sales

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Key Benefits:

  • Alos has the only traditional reader/printer models still available
  • Maintain current microfilm archives without changes
  • Choose between two precision models
  • Images can be printed to paper or digitized for archiving and electronic distribution

Z-Scan 46-II Microfilm & Aperture Card Reader & Scanner

A feature of our Vancouver Scanning Service, the Z-Scan 46-II allows users to quickly access information or just about any type of microform, including microfiche, aperture cards and 16mm or 35mm microfilm. Images can be viewed on the high-resolution, anti-glare screen. Print to paper or scan and digitize for easy electronic distribution.

Z-Scan 47 Microfilm & Aperture Card Reader & Scanner

The Z-Scan 47 at our Vancouver Microfilm Company provides a large wide screen view of images from microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards. Images can be inspected on the 12” x 17” screen and then printed to paper or scanned and digitized for electronic distribution. This model is especially suitable for 35mm images or larger format microforms.

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