Atiz Archival Book Scanning Vs. the Guillotine

Curious about the process of scanning archival books? Many of the book scanning customers who come to Micro Com Systems have works as rare and precious as—for example—the powdered wig worn by Marie Antoinette. In other words, they are priceless both in terms of history and appearance.

As a company that specializes in all forms of document digitization, image scan & data capture, we scoured the market for the best library digitization device before purchasing the Atiz Bookdrive Pro.

Vancouver Book Scanning Simplified

The aptly named Bookdrive Pro features a simple but ingenious design that facilitates the capture of both the left and right pages of a book, right from the gutter to the margins. The pages are captured in a high-resolution RAW format. However, most importantly, the original work is in no way harmed. This is light years ahead of other book scanning services, where the spine often had to be flattened—or even removed entirely.

Using such traditional methods almost always resulted in permanent damage. However careful you are, the nature of the old glue and bindings often resulted in a hack job that had all the surgical precision of a guillotine.

Perfection From Start to Finish

In contrast, the Atiz Bookdrive Pro gently cradles your manuscript. There is no pressure on the pages or spine. Additionally, once the job is complete, our technicians will go through performing image cleanup, color manipulation, and cropping—before converting the image into any popular format you request.

The result is an easily shareable file that captures all the beauty and panache of the original work—without undue manhandling. In other words, Marie Antoinette’s impeccable coif stays intact. As for the rest of her… well, our expertise ends at scanning and data capture.