MCS Scanning Services Loves Vancouver, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

Why MCS Scanning Services Loves Vancouver

Vancouver: Canada’s best kept secret. When questioned in polite conversation by friends and family or a chatty stranger, any Vancouverite, native or otherwise, responds with the same Groot answer.

It’s raining.

So here’s the truth to this well concealed conspiracy. Vancouver doesn’t even rank in the top five. The honour of rainiest Canadian city falls to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, well surpassing Vancouver’s dismal 169 days with a depressing 229 days of rain a year.

Nestled in the heart the artsy Mount Pleasant neighbourhood overlooking the downtown peninsula, Micro Com’s Vancouver office is surrounded by more culture and diversity than the range of hair colour in anime. Indian? Thai? Mexican? Strange Indian-Asian hybrid-fusion? You name it, Vancouver’s got it.
On a bright sunny day, the view of the city with a mountain backdrop is stunning: Science World, BC Place, False Creek. It’s a quaint little area. Hipster central. Bike shops for the environmentally inclined, and cafes with overpriced fancy coffee and random pianos tucked in the corners that are seen, but never heard.

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood

MCS Scanning Services Loves Vancouver
MCS Scanning Services Loves Vancouver

MCS Scanning Service Location

Just off Main, Micro Com sits blocks from the infamous Mount Pleasant clock that stands tall in the center of the Kingsway-Main split. A hop, skip, and a jump away is Dude Chilling Park. Yes, Vancouver is just that awesome.

In late 2012, an artist erected a prank sign in Guelph Park, a reference to the public art piece of a reclining man. The neighbourhood rallied, and a mass petition was mounted against the city when the sign was removed. In February of 2014, the sign became a permanent fixture, unless it has been stolen, AGAIN!

So welcome to the neighbourhood from MCS, Vancouver’s Document Scanning & Archive Records Management Service. Enjoy your stay!