Canadian Government Offering Grant for Digitizing Operations For Businesses


The Federal Government. Is there a bigger target for people’s disdain and outright scorn? Unlikely, unless the big banks and cellular phone providers are included.

But just like a broken watch being right twice a day, every now and again the Government of Canada gets one right. In this particular case this is a bullseye, a homerun, a “pass go and collect $200”, in short, a certified winner.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is currently offering grants of up to $15,000 to qualifying small and medium sized Canadian businesses. This money can be spent on a variety of things that are extremely valuable. The two points made in the Government flyer that are most germane to Micro Com Systems are digitizing operations and improving your ability to meet your client’s needs. We can help with both of those in a big way.

By digitizing your legacy microfilm and paper records you will benefit your business in many ways.

  • You will generate a digital record for safekeeping
  • You will recover valuable office and warehouse space that can be used for better purposes
  • You will free your staff from having to maintain and manage paper filing systems
  • Never again will a crucial file go missing or be stuck at the bottom of a desk
  • Staff will be able to share digital files across your organization
  • Customer response times will drop significantly and service levels will go up once files are digitized

These are not new reasons for considering having MCS scan your paper files. What is new is having a Government agency offer to help you pay for it.

Please feel free to inquire with our office today, we will be delighted to generate a sample and quotation at no cost to you.

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