5 Reasons you should create digital copies of business files

We’ve all had it happen. You put an important paper somewhere where you “won’t forget,” but you forget where you put it when you actually need it OR you filed it in the wrong place! You spend ages looking for that specific paper.

Now imagine looking for that very same paper, but finding it almost instantly by just typing a few keywords into your computer and having it come up in seconds! How much easier would that make your life and business? How could you use that saved time to get more business or make more money?

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That’s just one of the reasons we suggest digitizing paper records and documents as soon as possible. Here are our 5 top reasons you should create digital copies of your business files:

1. Find it faster: Like we just talked about, creating digital copies of your paperwork allows you to find exactly what you need much faster than sifting through boxes and boxes of paper and praying it was filed in the correct folder.

2. Prevent degradation: Paper has a shelf-life! It will only last so long before the ink fades or it gets accidentally ripped or torn. If you have carbon paper records and receipts they won’t last very long either. Digitizing these as soon as possible will help preserve the information contained on these important documents and invoices for years to come.

3. Safeguards against theft or fire: If your office experiences a fire or flood your sensitive data won’t be lost because you’ve created digital copies of your business files. If a thief vandalizes your office you won’t lose the valuable information in your paperwork because you have created digital back-ups!

4. Create an off-site back-up: If you have sensitive data and it would be detrimental to your or your client’s health and safety if it were lost, digitize your records and store a copy in an offsite data hosting facility or safety deposit box. That way if your physical records and your local digital copy both get lost or destroyed, you have another back-up.

5. Faster customer service: Imagine that a client calls you asking for details of their last transaction with your business. While they are giving you their name and explaining their needs, you can be pulling up the digital version of their records so you can seamlessly respond right away with the answer to their question. Fast customer service will definitely earn you some brownie points and maybe a positive customer review or testimonial.

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It all boils down to safeguarding your business information and accessing it in more efficient ways. If you are interested in learning more about how to safeguard the information in your businesses’ paper files and invoices, contact the Micro Com Systems professional document scanning team today.