Custom Document Scanning Services: Can’t Find a Scan Application That Does Everything You Need? Build One!

By their very nature, document imaging service bureaus need to be extremely flexible. In our 31 years of offering scanning services, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients. Almost every individual customer had different requirements in terms of document composition, indexing and output. Aside from removing staples prior to scanning, the only common theme among almost all our clients is an interest in receiving the best possible product at a very competitive price.

Custom Built Document Scanning Services

In order to meet the demands of our clients and simultaneously offer tremendous value, we have had to be very creative. For the first time, we have designed and built an end to end scanning application in house. Our application works exclusively with higher end Fujitsu scanners and their Paperstream driver. We have been working with Fujitsu since 1992, and their technology has evolved to the point where it can provide for significant productivity and quality improvements.

Fujitsu Scanners and How We Made It Custom To Clients Needs

For example, the Paperstream driver facilitates auto cropping and rotates pages to the correct orientation. It captures black and white and colour paper interactively without targets or operator involvement. In place of traditional re-scanning of poor quality images, it presents the operator with 9 new potential versions of the same image, the operator simply selects the one they like best. Colour images are automatically cleaned up for improved reproduction and reduced file size. The driver also links to the higher end Fujitsu scanners to run at the rated speed and provide effective (and highly functional) double feed detection.

Not all customer documents are suited to scanning through this method. The best candidates for capture through this new application are similar sized pages in decent to good condition. Mixed colours are obviously fine. Customers need to be comfortable having a very small inkjet number printed on the back of every page. As stated previously, this endorser string of numbers allows us to be certain that every image has been properly captured.

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The net result of all of this development work is high quality images delivered to our clients more quickly and at a highly competitive price. Please contact MCS to determine if your scanning project will be suitable for processing through our new process.