Document Digitalization Services: PaperStream Capture Pro

Today, I want to start this blog entry with a funny story.


Why Build a Document Scanning Company?


When I heard about Micro Com Systems and all the digitalization services they offer, I thought about two things: first, “who thinks it is a good idea to build a company around scanners? I mean, scanners and printers are known for not working when you need them.”


The second thought was, “well, this must be a prolonged job.”


Both impressions came from the same place, ignorance. Maybe ignorance is too strong a word. Perhaps, it’s best to say that I didn’t have enough knowledge about document digitalization services.


You see, when I thought about scanning, I had the impression that it was going to be like my own personal scanner where you open the top, place one sheet, scan, take it off, put another, scan it, put another…


Of course, I was utterly mistaken.


The document digitalization services offered by Micro Com Systems don’t resemble, at all, my initial perception..


The time it takes me to scan one sheet at home, Micro Com can scan more than 100 pages.


That alone was enough to make me speechless, but the state-of-the-art technology goes even further with a function that I would never think was possible: choice.


Professional Document Scanning Services


PaperStream Capture Pro allows us to review each page post scan and select from 9 possible replacement images if we aren’t satisfied with the initial quality. With this impressive feature, we can choose the best options, black and white, grayscale, colour, etc. without physically rescanning, which is a massive time-saver!


By viewing and picking the optimal version, we don’t need to worry about redoing the work two, three times because some documents are crystal clear while others are illegible.


This technology (After Scan Correction) has redefined how we perform quality control.


Micro Com Systems, we have technologies that will make you feel in the future.