Document Management and 5S: How they can help you in business organization

You have certainly heard of the 5S Program, haven’t you? Have you thought about implementing or are you already implementing the methodology in your company? If so, stay tuned in this post. We will show how document management goes hand in hand with the five senses. The program, which emerged in Japan as a plan to rebuild the country after the Second World War, provides better conditions for people’s daily lives, quality of the work environment and time optimization for companies.

What Is 5S?

Each S is oriented towards a strategic part of personal or corporate management, and are distributed as follows:

  1. Seiri – Sort
  2. Seiton – Set in order
  3. Seiso – Shine
  4. Seiketsu – Standardize
  5. Shitsuke – Sustain / self-discipline

Sort and document management

Since the beginning of the program, the Japanese believed that the accumulation of unnecessary materials impedes productivity. And they were right! Proof of this is the time and agility that professionals gain when dealing with organized paperwork. When starting work, the first steps are document evaluation and sorting, to eliminate obsolete, duplicate or unnecessary files.

Set in order and the workflow

This S is linked to “put everything in its right place”. Within companies this extends to workflows. The due tasks, carried out in the correct period, performed by those responsible. Organizations often have an impediment to their full productivity increase in their workflow. Today there is a series of software capable of assisting in this task, look for one that suits your company.

Shine and the documents

According to the Japanese, the cleaner and more organized the environment, the greater the energy that circulates and the higher the quality of the tasks delivered by employees, who will feel better and more willing in their work environment.

MCS solutions help companies to reduce the accumulation of paper and other media at their headquarters. That is, everything that is essential and was not discarded in the first S can be scanned for greater organization and space savings.

We still have Seiketsu, also called a sense of hygiene, health that has a direct link to safety. And Shitsuke, or self-discipline in complying with the previous four S.

Bring 5S Program to Your Company Through Micro Com Systems

Undoubtedly, when bringing the 5S Program to your company, the benefits achieved will be numerous. And MCS is there to assist you and your team in implementing strategic solutions to generate more organization and productivity. Contact us for scanning solutions in the Vancouver region.