Micro Com Systems Launches New Website

As a company that offers document scanning and data capture solutions in Vancouver, the management at Micro Com Systems recently set out to build a new website. Since this was meant to be a rebrand, with a working model as a resource, the whole thing seemed like it should be pretty simple, right?

Defined as a group of World Wide Web pages containing information and links for the purposes of publicity and advertising, websites provide businesses and organizations with 24/7 exposure on the Internet. However, changes to the Internet, style trends, as well as advances in technology, opened opportunities to present information in a more innovative and user-friendly way.

Even though Micro Com Systems’ previous website was only a few years old, it was in need of a refresh. Owner and manager, Craig Hollingum, had an active hand in developing all company websites to keep them on-brand—and on point. He even created the first one himself, using MS FrontPage. While it was admittedly something of a Plain Jane site, it nonetheless featured a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), which meant owners and managers had the ability to edit and make small changes when necessary.

The term WYSIWYG has since fallen out of vogue, but the principal of using a visual editor is now offered by many platforms, most notably WordPress. It’s a desirable function, because it means business owners and managers have greater control of their websites, even if they don’t understand programming language.

Websites offer businesses 24/7 exposure on the World Wide Web. Additionally, if they’re optimized for search engines, there’s a good chance that people will find your business before competitors when searching the Internet. It’s a stark contrast compared to the nineties when the main way to advertise was through the Yellow Pages. And while these ads certainly worked, they could be expensive. To further complicate matters, proper geographic coverage meant paying to be in every book, which made it hard to assess the results, weigh value and justify costs.

Making sure the right customers find you still isn’t easy or cheap. But finding the right specialists to guide you is an important step. In this case, the team and management at Micro Com Systems wish to thank Vancouver SEO consultant Anney Ha and Burnaby web developer Nita Naidoo of Inkykiss Communications.

Today, internet consumers are ridiculously knowledgeable and savvy. It’s no longer just about having content; it’s about creating an appealing environment that simultaneously informs and entertains.

We hope you enjoy our newest website.