How to speed up data entry with OCR technology

Do you remember those typing games we learned growing up? Those games taught us where to place our fingers and how to type as fast as possible.

No matter how fast you type, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software can probably do it faster and more accurately. OCR technology can turn text on papers into digital format and directly into your database in seconds.

Based on sophisticated algorithms, the software identifies text fields and words and is able to transfer that information into digital format into your existing database.

How OCR technology saves you time

When you think about the time it takes a real live person to pick up a document, scan it, file it, then transcribe the relevant portions into your digital records system, that can be a tedious process. This doesn’t even include any quality assurance for someone to check that the transcription was done without errors.

When you work with a professional document scanning company that can scan and run the OCR technology on your documents, you barely have to lift a finger except to send them the papers. In professional digital scanning companies, they have automatic feeders that can scan upwards of 230 pages per minute.

Types of documents ideal for OCR technology

Nearly anything with words or numbers can be digitized using this software but here are a few examples of types of documents that we are most often asked to run OCR technology on:

  • Invoices: If you receive paper invoices, our process can extract the data and format it for import into your existing accounting system.
  • Patient Records: If you’re moving handwritten doctors’ notes and patient files into digital formats, OCR can isolate and extract key information and add it to their new digital patient records.
  • Meeting Notes: Whether you need to organize legal documents, or transcribe meeting notes, OCR technology can do it faster than any one office staff member.

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