Introducing the Contex HD5450 Scanner – Vancouver Document Scanning Company


For people who need to access and share documents on a regular basis, scanning and digitization just makes good sense.

Of course, not all scanning companies are created equal. The storage and management of large format documents such as blueprints, plans, maps, and drawings can leave some businesses puzzling over a solution. But hey, those companies aren’t Micro Com Systems. With an average output of over one million pages per month, we are Vancouver’s scanning specialists.

Recently, Micro Com made a new investment—a shiny, new 54-inch-wide Contex HD5450 scannerWhat this means is that we now have the capacity to scan 54” (137.6 CM) wide documents in a single pass, which is a pretty big deal in this business. The move is specifically aimed to meet the needs of contractors, architects, surveyors, engineers and other professionals who require artwork, maps and other oversize color- and detail-rich documents that are reproduced to perfection.

Even delicate plans and drawings on materials like Mylar and vellum are no problem. Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) technology lets us scan documents up to 0.6“ (15 mm) thick and monitors pressure on the document surface to ensure there’s no damage. Additionally, the team at Micro Com Systems pays special attention to cropping, straightening, and clean-up. Additionally, the digitized copies can be output in nearly any popular file format requested.

Whatever the project, team MCS works one-on-one to determine how to meet requirements for volume, turnaround time, image format, quality, and cost. With a thorough interactive scanning process that ensures integrity between the original copy and digitized replicas, we can handle all your over-sized documents with skill and ease.

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