Just-in-Time Medical & Dental Chart Scanning Services

medical records scanning services

Just-in-time Medical & Dental Chart Scanning Services.

Don’t you agree that there’s a beautiful resonance to the expression?


Three words that express so much, like agility, purpose and readiness. No time to waste, just-in-time.

Just-in-Time Medical & Dental Chart Scanning Services by Micro Com Systems

At MCS, we’re used to digitizing over a million pages a month. We do it quickly and with unrivaled quality. But not everyone needs a million pages digitized, nor do they have a month to do so.

Daily, you work with a significant lineup of patients. Some, you see only once a year, while others appear on your calendar more frequently. You also have patients you won’t see for years at a stretch. Sometimes it may not be sensible to digitizing everything. Isn’t it best to prioritize?

That’s what Just-in-Time Medical & Dental Chart Scanning Services by Micro Com Systems offer, a new and intelligent way of digitizing. Instead of scanning every patient chart all at once, by cherry-picking, you can have only the patient records you require delivered directly to your EMR or Dental Practice Solution, in time for the next day’s appointments.

Micro Com Systems will work with you to develop a solution that perfectly suits your business requirements. By choosing this path, we can assure you that the service we’ll provide you will be fast, high-quality, and highly affordable.

Micro Com Systems, The Safest Bet

And because Micro Com Systems will always bet on Micro Com Systems, we’re willing to take the first step forward and offer you a free sample using your own documents.

After providing document imaging services for over 45 years, and scanning services for almost 30 years, we, at Micro Com Systems, know that we have the people, skill and tools to fulfil our promises.

Micro Com Systems, just-in-time!