Meet MCS Vancouver Project Manager: Jeff Marceil, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

Likely sitting in his Hobbit-sized office in the company of our favourite astronaut Buzz Lightyear, let’s drop in for a visit with MCS Vncouver Document Scanning resident dinosaur (not quite a fossil yet) Jeff Marceil, PMP. Hop in the Delorean. We’re going for a ride.

Vancouver’s Document Management Project Guru

An Airforce brat, Jeff and his family moved all over Canada throughout his childhood. As a result, he lays claim to an unique birthplace that turns heads and raises eyebrows: Whitehorse, Yukon. Yup, that’s right. The land of the dog sleds and gold. It wasn’t until he turned 11 that his family went all Beverly Hillbillies and drove through the Rockies with wide sparkly anime eyes and finally settled on a farm in British Columbia where he eventually met his lovely wife. Just last year, they celebrated their 30th anniversary.
Jeff Marceil: Vancouver's Document Digitization Guru

Scanning Conversion for 25 Years

Loyal as a Gibbons, Jeff has been with the company since 1998, but he’s been in the business of scanning conversion for over a quarter of a century. Not as one-dimensional as a stock character, managing projects hasn’t always been his passion.
Jeff’s a regular ‘Piano Man’. Over the last 30 plus years, he’s played in various classic rock and country bands, and even spearheaded his own solo project with influences from The Beatles, Elton John, Sting, and Pink Floyd. So generally, old fart music, but he gets points for Pink Floyd. It runs in the Marceil bloodline. The music will not be silenced. Just ask his three bratty offspring, all creative in their own right.

MCS Project Manager

When Jeff’s not onstage with his trusty Accordion or shaming his youngest (teenage) son into kayaking with him, he’s planning, executing, and closing large scale imaging projects as MCS Vancouver Document Scanning resident Project Manager. Remember those funny little letters after his name? Those are his professional initials. Several years ago, the decision came down that Jeff should have those funny little letters. After a six month course with UVic and an grueling three hour exam, he had his Rocky moment at the top when he became a certified Project Management Professional.
Now Jeff works in terms of scope, and scope creep, and other alien terms that make your brain melt, but his knowledge gives projects structure and clients peace of mind that their document management & digitizing solution will run without a hitch, regardless of it’s scope!