Micro Com Systems a Diverse Work Force Leads to Rich Corporate Culture at Vancouver Scanning and Records Management Company

It’s no secret that the strength of any business is its people. And service bureaus are no different. As a Vancouver-based company that specializes in document scanning and digitization services, many of the tasks are simple and repetitive. They range from pulling staples to preparing documents for scanning. And the people who fulfil these positions include students, retirees, and many new immigrants to Canada. In fact, the array of culture, diversity, and knowledge have added considerably to the skills and corporate culture of the company.

In over 40 years of business, Micro Com Systems (MCS) has employed people from all around the globe. Many of these employees possessed high level education from their home countries, but needed to upgrade their skills and training in order to be recognized in Canada.

Working at Micro Com helped bridge this gap while they attained the education and certifications necessary to practice in Canada. Here are a few of the standouts over the years:

Fillip – Full ride scholarship in Political Science, Macedonia

Veena – Master’s Degree in Economics, India

Maria – Master’s Degree in Physics (was a nuclear scientist in Romania)

Ferdinand – Philippines, had a CGA but liked the low-stress social environment of MCS better

Alan S – Author, Business Executive in India. Ran for an MLA position locally.

Steven B – Marketing degree, Ireland

Bradley S – Dental Student, Australia

Diana – Professor, Bulgaria

Since 1975, well over 1100 people have been employed at MCS. In fact, there have been over 600 employees in the last dozen years alone. And from 2004 to 2006, nearly 180 were brought onboard for a particularly busy stint.

Today, about 50 people make up the core team at Micro Com’s Burnaby facility. Many are long-term employees who have been with the company for ages (up to 40 years in some cases). However, it is the interplay of old and new, the unique combination of age, experience, and ideas that have truly enriched the business and culture.

People bring a little part of themselves into the places they work. And these new ideas, skills, and the vast wells of knowledge are what has given Micro Com an edge when it comes to creative problem-solving and work fulfilment. All enterprises are defined by their team member, and people remain the number one reason that Micro Com is still a rich place to work and do business.