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Law firms have many reasons to consider scanning their client records and working papers alike.

Let’s examine a few of these.

A paper copy of a client’s file requires space. As humans are prone to do, creating multiple paper copies of a document takes even more space, now, and into the future.

Given the nature of the work that lawyers perform, maintaining proper and complete records is extremely important.

As lawyers may work with the same clients for many years, some even over a lifetime, simple and quick access to their files in critical from a customer service perspective.

Often, lawyers are called upon to disclose all files and materials they have on a particular file and share them with the court and apposing council.

If only there way a simple way to address all these concerns…..but wait, there actually is.

Solution to Accessing Secured Legal Documents Online

Micro Com Systems has been scanning files for their clients in Vancouver and BC since 1992. Over the years they have assisted many legal clients in converting their entire paper records system to digital.

To explain the entire process MCS has recently created a video which details the many benefits of their legal scanning services. Click on the link to see video: https://youtu.be/qgYxc06tXsM

Not only will your scanning work be performed to a very high standard, but your staff will be freed up to produce billable work.

In addition, all of the space currently occupied by old fashioned filing cabinets can be repurposed. With office space being as expensive as it is, this is a massive benefit.

Inquiries from clients can be answered very quickly, and it’s impossible for a file to go missing!

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