Securing Your Data Archives with MCS Vancouver by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

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Human ingenuity and imagination are an insurmountable force to be reckoned with. Since the first cave men that pounded rocks to create fire and hunted woolly mammoths with spears for survival, curiosity has driven the human race forward through the ages and fed their will to improve and create.

Minor Invention, Lasting Impression

Imagine a world without the invention of the wheel. Looks different, doesn’t it. In elementary school, children learn about Mesopotamia – the land between rivers – and their contribution to modern civilization. It’s hard to believe that a minor invention for the ease of transportation of goods in 3500 BCE (3500 BC) left a lasting impression.


Life is exploration and discovery; pushing boundaries and “boldly going where no one has gone before”. From Vikings landing on the rocky shores of Eastern Canada 500 years before the birth of Christopher Columbus to the Wright brother’s first successful flight in 1903 that has now made distant countries neighbours, the world continues to take great steps forward to a bright future. Ancient engineering feats like the Roman aqueducts and Egyptian irrigation are now commonplace in modern construction and farming, and today, images of distant galaxies have been gathered by the Hubble telescope launched into orbit 15 years ago. These beautiful snapshots capture clues to the formation and creation of our universe – a window millions of years into the past.


But not every invention and creation alters the world. Even the smallest contribution has its place in history. Take a shoe horn for example. In no way earth shattering, but damn useful. And who doesn’t want a snuggie?

Securing the Safety of Your Data

As Michael Scott knows, nothing is more important than the client and their needs, and once again, human ingenuity strikes in the form of a creative solution to a problem – the transportation of vital information. On occasion Micro Com Systems, Vancouver’s Document Scanning & Archive Records Management Service, handles materials of a rather delicate and fragile nature, and clients swoop in with innovative creations to secure the safety of their data.

Custom Shipping Containers for Data Archives

Meet “The Coffin”, the baddest box of reinforced steel on two wheels this side of the Mississippi. Okay, so it’s no fortification against the invading nomadic tribes of the Mongols, and “The Coffin” is really made of aluminum, but a valued  Micro Com Systems client designed and built the formidable contraption akin to the Arc of the Covenant, minus the face melting.

"The Coffin" Archive Records Management : Microfilm Archive Container
“The Coffin” – Microfilm Archive Container

Microfilm Data Archive Containers

Similar designs in custom shipping containers have cropped up over the years. Several really do resemble a coffin – long wooden, sealed boxes – but thankfully without the risk of the undead rising in search of juicy brains. While these inventive contributions won’t alter the course of history, they have shaped  Micro Com Systems‘ the strong partnerships that MCS Vancouver prides itself on with clients.

It’s all about thinking of what’s outside the box.