Vancouver’s Microfilm & Document Imaging Senior Experts, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

From scanners and imaging hardware to support and softwareMCS, Vancouver’s Document Scanning & Archive Records Management Service‘s Daring Dragoon tackles a staggering list of endless tasks on a daily basis. As the resident IT Manager extraordinaire, Mike tunes Micro Com’s engine with over 30 years experience that keeps operations running smooth.

Vancouver’s Microfilm & Document Imaging Senior Experts

This isn’t his first water cooler hoedown. He serves up sass with 26 years of dedicated microfilm experience with a side of 17 years of document imaging, which makes Mr. IT more than your outsourced 1-800-have-you-tried-turning-it-off-and-on.

Self taught in the ways of the geek, Mike spends his weekends pouring over dry technical blogs to gain EXP and level up. But it’s not all software upgrades and data encryption.

 Micro Com Systems, Vancouver Document Scanning & Archive Records Management Service
Mr. IT

Everyday Digitization Mastery

Every summer will find Mike cruising the country in style with his kids piled into the family vehicle. Fingers crossed Wally World isn’t closed. At least the soundtrack rocks. It’s a running theme within the ranks of MCS Vancouver’s older generation. Wizen old men with graying hair hunched over their desks to a classic sound. Pink Floyd plays roulette in the CD changer, or better yet, spins on the turntable. In the distant future, Mike’s progeny might appreciate that their dad’s taste in tunes is as cool as the Dark Side of the Moon.