Vancouver’s Document Scanning Expert, Shelley! by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

The inevitable daily commute: a monotonous necessity. Vancouver has their very own congestions issues of gridlocked highways, crowded routes, and confusing one-way streets that shames Coruscant’s diverse population. One single troubled driver causes a ripple in traffic that affects several kilometers of traffic on the highway, and affordable living in the city is becoming a dream. Every year, more families and young couples are pushed out into the boonies.
Before the crack of dawn, at an hour that should be banned from existence, Micro Com’s public transit commuting veteran Shelley Vogt catches the West Coast Express on her daily commute from the Shire. Half-conscious and cranky, tales of the commuter train are as Groundhog Day as they come, and she has cars full. Everyday, the same people, the same seats, and the same friends – no Sonny and Cher.
Still groggy? Try the quiet car. Just don’t make a peep or you’re liable to find a fist in your face. It’s an unspoken rule that daily commuters live by that one car is designated the ‘quiet’ car. Occasionally a loud-mouth construction workers with hangover cringing voices find their way on and are silenced with a chorus of ‘SHHHHH!’ And Shelley vehemently swears, that in that not quite lucid state of mind, discovering a stranger in the seat that carries your butt imprint completely throws off your day and leaves you a little dazed and confused.


Vancouver’s Document Scanning Expert with 23 Years Experience

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Head of Digital Imaging for Microfilm, Scanning, & Every Imaging Department

At the end of her epic journey through Middle Earth, Shelly runs the production floor and sends her minions scurrying as the Imaging Supervisor. It would make The Overlord proud. With a whopping 23 years experience from every department – microfilm, processing, and scanning, just to name a few – on all shifts, including the loathed graveyard shift, it’s no wonder Micro Com boosted her from the ranks to take command of her own platoon.


Cracking Her Whip

When Shelley’s not riding the rails and cracking her whip, she’s studying to become the next Dr Eleanor Abernathy MD JD with her adorable Bengal cat Benson and Seena, her faithful German Shepherd. Hopefully, when she reaches year 25, Micro Com will award her a plaque in honour of her years of dedication and service as she continues to ride the rails to success.