Our Document Preparation Operators: Scanning 40,000 Documents, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

Marching hand in hand with the US of A, Canada leads the world in paper production, and the average office worker consumes – not in the savoury sense – an inconceivable 10,000 sheets per year. Shocking, no?

Scanning & Digitally Archiving over 40,000 Files in Vancouver

Over the last year and a half,  Micro Com Systems, Vancouver’s Digitization & Document Management Service tackled a monstrous project weighing in at over 40,000 files. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly 1200 bankers boxes stored by an off site document management company (which cost time and money). If stacked on top of one another, 1200 boxes commensurate the height of Paris’s most famous piece of architecture on the Champ de Mars, the Eiffel Tower. That’s no casual stroll down the well defined trail through a happy forest with cute woodland creatures that frolic about. No, it’s more on par with a timed sprint up the gruelling Grouse Grind: blood, sweat, and tears with a lovely pine-fresh scent.

Scanning 1200 Boxes full of “Ugly Documents”

Have you ever scanned a mountain of boxes with documents unloading a sea of paperclips and staples (aka scanning ugly documents)? Probably not.

Document Preparation Operators

Time to send in the calvary. So let’s talk about “document preparation operators”. What precisely is being operated? That’s not entirely clear. Is it ever? Perhaps the removal of superfluous paperwork clogging up the works? Well, that’s exactly what the document preparation operators did – no tip required – and the fact remains, a mere team of three stormed the stronghold and cut down the terrifying task to a more manageable size in a little under a year and a half. RETURN OF INVESTMENT: That’s about the same amount of time the average office worker spends searching for a missing file.

Once the files were stripped down to the essentials and only the most relevant and crucial information remained as per client instructions, the boxes were shipped off to be prepped and scanned by the MCS Vancouver’s Digitization & Document Management Service team back at the homebase.

Large Format Scanning, Too

Large format documentation is no object. Protection you say? Items of a more sensitive and delicate condition can be wrapped. After all, MCS Vancouver believes in secure, safe scanning.

We Scan Millions of Documents

A project of this magnitude is quite the undertaking – nearly 1,000,000 documents passed through those hallowed scanners – but with a dedicated team, the task flew by all too quickly like papers caught in the breeze of an ill placed fan. Friends were made, bonds were formed, and there may have been a tearful goodbye. It was a beautiful ceremony, (they served muffins).