Vancouver Digital Mailroom Services & Document Processing Automation

No matter how successful you have been at converting traditional paper archives into digital files, and/or convincing outside suppliers to send invoices and correspondence electronically, you will always have paper documents arriving in the mail.

This means you must have a dedicated staff of knowledge workers tasked with obtaining the mail from the post office or mail room, opening, identifying and routing the paper documents to their intended recipients, just like they did decades ago. There has to be a better way, and there is.

Vancouver Digital Mailroom Services

MCS has a digital mailroom service that will replace all of the drudgery at your end, and will allow you to re-assign your staff to more valuable duties.

  1. MCS will receive the mail on your behalf.
  2. We will open the envelopes.
  3. Sort through the contents
  4. Prepare the paper for scanning
  5. Then digitize it and send it to you via email for reading and processing.

How Digital Mailroom Services Work

Once the digital documents are quality controlled, we will extract all relevant meta data, whether perfunctory or extensively detailed, and package the images and data for secure transmission back to your facility. Once received at your end, the incoming digital mail can be routed to the intended recipients.

The benefits to you are multiple. In addition to eliminating manual tasks, service levels can be increased, delivery times reduced, and your valued staff can fulfil far more interesting roles within your organization.

Our Digital Mailroom Services & Document Processing Automation will save you time and money while making your company more efficient.

Please contact us for a no cost estimate and sample today.

Vancouver digital mailroom workflow for MCS