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Document Scanning Company – Micro Com Systems Ltd.

I could talk about the different processes that we, at Micro Com Systems, do before delivering the digitalized files to our clients.

I could come here and explain how we process the boxes and files, creating names and codes for each one of them to make the indexing part more effortless and more functional. I could also talk about the document preparation, where the files are fixed and separated.

Then I could go on to the digitalization part, which with state-of-the-art technology, transforms all papers into —easy to read and find—digital files. I would move to quality control, where the Micro Com System’s team goes page by page to verify the image appearance and quality. I would end this blog talking about the final step that brings everything together in an orderly way in which the client wants to see the files—which was is why we do this.

But If I talked about all that, then why would you watch the video?

And you should watch the video. First, because it explains a lot better than I have; second, if an image is worth a thousand words, what is the value of a video? And third, because I even put on a tie for it.

Full disclosure, there were lights, cameras and make-up, but no catering. Personally, I would have preferred the other way around.

Jokes aside, at Micro Com Systems, we pay attention to every detail. We care for every step. There’s not a single task that it’s too small that can be ignored or half-done. We deliver high-quality scanning services and data capture because of that.

If you don’t believe my words, watch the video.

Micro Com System, nitpicking every step of the way.


Article By: Giovani Izadorio Cesconetto