What is it and How to Set up a Corporate Sustainability Strategy?

Corporate sustainability strategies have become essential within a business plan. They can help your company to spend much less and are essential to stimulate the growth and development of the business.

Themes related to environmental preservation and care for the planet have become recurrent agendas in government offices. This is happening all over the world and something has become clear: we need to change before it is too late.

In this scenario, whoever is able to implement truly efficient plans gains space and relevance, balancing business activity with the sustainable factor. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article.

After all, what is corporate sustainability?

Corporate sustainability consists of a series of actions that are adopted in order to reduce the environmental impacts that your company produces. This requires time and dedication, as you need to look carefully at all aspects, and finally understand which ones can be changed to make your company, in fact, more sustainable.

Investing in corporate sustainability has become an important competitive factor. This is one of the main reasons for companies to start analyzing the relevance of this issue within the entire corporate universe. However, a business can only be truly considered sustainable when it develops not only strategies, but a whole behavioral policy disseminated among its employees – which makes them more aware and attentive to the subject.

Main strategies

1. Transparency
To start, prioritize transparency. Companies that adopt this behavior have a role in influencing the social impact, and for this reason they must explain about the entire production chain and include all stages of production.The clearer the company’s relationship with the public and the way it presents itself, the greater the trust and the more empathic this audience will be. This contributes to strengthening a social – and sustainable – identity, making the reach of the brand much greater in this respect.

2. Changes in space
Another essential aspect is to revisit the infrastructure and identify changes that can be made to increase sustainability. The physical space, the facilities and the accumulation of things end up becoming villains in this process. Small changes, as well as separating garbage, will already put your business in the direction you want to go. Some of the things you can do are check and correct water leaks, use more economical light bulbs, correct problems in the electrical system and everything that involves the property where the company is.Also take the opportunity to start doing waste management, if this is not yet standard practice.

3. Choose sustainable partners
If you really want to implement corporate sustainability, it is interesting to start thinking about the profile of your suppliers and partners. What is the use of implementing this policy in your company and financing practices that harm the environment? This will even facilitate your actions when implementing corporate sustainability.After all, it is easier to convince a sustainable partner that there is excess plastic in the packaging and to seek solutions together, than to do this with those who do not care or do not see the importance of this type of action.

4. Decrease paper consumption
Now we are going to one of the most significant acts of this whole process: reducing the consumption of paper within your company. This seems impossible even for small businesses. After all, a company – whatever its niche of activity and regardless of its size – ends up generating a LOT of paper. Documents, drafts, packaging, contracts and prints of all kinds.If your company has a lot of old documents still on paper, take the opportunity to scan all of this. In this case, there are several alternatives, such as buying your own scanner (if there are a lot of documents to be scanned every time) or hiring a company that can do this. If you are in the Vancouver area, you can talk to MCS, which specializes in all document scanning services.In this second alternative, you can either choose to send the documents to MCS to scan everything or hire them to do it for you on your premises, on-site scanning services.

5. Digital files

With digitized files, you can make better use of the company’s physical space. Your documents are also more organized and more secure, since you can store them on your network or in the cloud.. There are no effects of weather, humidity or even fires that can damage a file in the cloud. It is there and will always be there when you want.

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So, if you are convinced, get in touch and talk to one of our document scanning professionals. Together we will develop the best solution so that your company gradually becomes more aware and more sustainable.