3 tips for creating a “paperless” office – Paper Document Scanning Services in Vancouver, BC

One of the great things about the recent pandemic is the effect it’s had on our planet’s natural resources. As the world slowly starts to return to normal in some places, many people and businesses are looking for ways to become more environmentally conscious. 

You may be thinking about going to a paperless system in your business. There are many misconceptions about going “paperless” and we’d like to dispel these, so you better understand how this can help your business and the environment. 

Myth #1: I can’t go paperless because I have legal record-keeping requirements. 

Many regulatory bodies, including the Canada Revenue Agency, require that original copies of certain records must be kept a specific amount of time, often 5-7 years. However, according to the CRA, digital scans are an acceptable version to keep them in!

Here’s why you might want to get these important records scanned now: 

  1. It creates a digital record that is searchable and fields can be input into any existing database or records system. You’ll be able to access the information in these documents quickly and link them to client or product records. 
  2. Even if you want to retain the hard copies, you can still scan them to create a digital copy, in case the original is ever lost or misfiled. 

Myth #2: A paperless office has no paper at all.

Not many businesses can be 100% paper-free in their office. Perhaps yours needs carbon copy receipts or paper records of some type. You can interpret “paperless” any way you want, but we view it as your day-to-day paper being minimized or reduced.

That means even though you may have some paper records, they are regularly digitized so you are accessing the digital versions of them, not the fragile paper version. This will allow you to recycle the paper version when appropriate.

Myth #3: A paperless office is more secure than my hard copy records.

There are software and systems to make your digital files secure, perhaps more so than the security that comes with storing papers. Paper copies can be easily stolen or destroyed (maliciously or through natural disasters) and do eventually fade, rip, and tear over time if not properly stored. 

How can you digitize more of your paper records and files to become a more paperless office? We’d love to help you professionally digitize your documents, invoices, patient records, historical photographs, or other important papers. Talk to the Micro Com Systems team today about what we can digitize in your business.