Why your car dealership should scan sales and warranty contracts

As a car salesperson, you know how much paperwork there is when selling or leasing a car to a customer. How long does it take you to search through boxes and files of purchase or lease paperwork when a client calls?

Arranging to digitalize all your sales paperwork regularly can save you so much time and help you provide more efficient customer service!

Here are 4 reasons your car dealership should scan sales, lease, and warranty paperwork.

Create a searchable client database: You probably already have a digital client database, but when you get your client documents professionally scanned and securely saved in your database it’s all available at your fingertips, and can be searched, cross-referenced, and summarized in a snap.

Provide faster customer service: Car dealerships are everywhere so what sets your location apart from the rest? Having above and beyond customer service is key! One easy way to do this is by having all your paperwork easily searchable and accessible at the press of a button.

It’s vacation-proof: You’ve always been great at remembering your customers, but when you go on vacation or any absence from work, do you want your colleagues searching through boxes of paperwork to find what they need? When you get your whole sales and admin team on-board with a digital system to manage your client invoices, warranty information, and contacts, anyone is able to help your clients if you’re not available.

You’ll save time: Yes, you can always have your staff scan your documents using a standard document scanner, but you won’t get the same high-quality scans or access to professional-grade OCR (optical character recognition) to digitally index your documents.

A professional document scanner can not only scan your paperwork but also add them to your document management system and use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to make it searchable.

If your dealership is still manually scanning purchase documents, or not scanning at all, then you should make the switch to a digital document management system and send your paperwork to a professional scanning company for digitization. Ask us about our invoice scanning and extract services today.