Art Scanning & Digital Document Management Services, by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

Recently, Micro Com Systems, Vancouver’s Digitization & Document Management Service provided services for a unique project for Wild Rose, a local Vancouver company that creates tattoo clothing art for those who want to dip their toe in the world of ink.

Vancouver Art Scanning & Digitization for Electronic File Management

Tattoos: a form of artistic self expression of the willfully misunderstood that fight the power or merely the status quo of an over-indulgent spoiled culture? An unfortunate stigma follows tattoos, and an unfair one at that. Employability is judged on whether or not they choose to express themselves through the change of skin pigment with ink inserted into the dermis layer of skin.

Regardless of unfair stereotypes ready to pounce like an irritable cat, in the last few decades, tattoos steadily gained momentum within North American countries and around the world. In fact, 39% of Canadian millennials (ages 18-29) claim at least one tattoo. Today’s youth are lining up for a chance to be inked faster than Beliebers on a Twitter witch hunt, but in the last few years, numbers for tattoo removal have increased exponentially to hover in the low thirties.

Of course, there are always those unable to commit to something quite so permanent, or possibly painful. Whatever the reason – allergies, phobia, employment – options exist for those who want to show off their own artsy wild side: an airbrush booth at any fair, or the fake generic tattoos bought in pack at any dollar store.

Tattoo Art Vancouver Scanning & Digitization for Electronic File Management