How large format scanning saves more than just space

Have you started to accept the fact that your large format drawings and papers will forever take up physical space in your filing or storage room? Well, that’s no longer the case when you get your large format media professionally scanned into digital formats.

The benefits of large format scanning go beyond just saving physical space! Today we’re going to look at the reasons you should be creating digital copies of your large format media.

Options for large format scanning

Large format scanning ability goes way beyond architectural blueprints. At Micro Com Systems we have the equipment and experience to scan virtually any type of large format media including paper, sepias, vellum, blueprints, transparencies, and even mounted materials. This means you can now get your maps, drawings, construction documents, engineering drawings, and more scanned into your digital databases

You can choose to have your scan output in single or multi-page TIFF or PDF files in black and white, grayscale, or full color.

Benefits of large format scanning

The first and most obvious benefit of large format scanning is the physical space you will save. When you no longer need hands-on access to these large formats, they can be digitized for access on a computer or tablet or archived digitally for longer-term storage.

Secondly, when you create digital copies of your large format media, you can add them to virtually any digital database and make them indexable and searchable so next time you need to reference a particular piece, you can find it and view it from anywhere.

How we scan large formats

Scanning larger media requires something a little more than your average desktop paper scanner. At Micro Com Systems, we have a fleet of fast KIP and Contex scanners running two shifts per day. These machines can output multi-page TIFF or PDF files, or create any digital format you need at any resolution for physical media up to 54 inches in width.

If your media is fragile or brittle, we can place them in specialized large plastic sleeves that protect the drawings as they are scanned. We also do a rigorous quality check on every scan to ensure you’re getting a high-quality scan every time.

Be sure to set aside some of your 2021 budget to get your large format papers and drawings professionally scanned. We can scan your backlog of documents to get you up to date, then plan for regular batch scans to keep your digital files up to date with your latest drawings and revisions.

Contact us today for a free estimate for your large format scanning.