How to increase patient care standards with medical records scanning

Do you remember seeing the doctor as a kid? They brought in that big paper folder with all your medical records every time. This is a sight we don’t see too often anymore because patient files are being digitized. Even medical imaging files are being stored in electronic format, eliminating the need for bulky physical patient folders.

Accessing digital copies of patient records is improving patient care standards and healthcare professionals can now access patient data anywhere, anytime in a secure system. It’s creating a healthcare system that is much more efficient and better meets the needs of both patients and healthcare staff.

Why should you be digitizing patient medical records?

  • Disaster Recovery: store electronic records on secure local servers, and save a copy off-site to protect from fire, theft, deterioration, misfiling, or loss.
  • Access from anywhere: You and your colleagues can access patient records anywhere, whether you’re in the clinic, at the hospital, or even from home after-hours in an emergency.
  • EMR Compatible: A professional document scanning company can digitize your records and import them into your existing EMR system or any standalone system.

Here are a few ways digital patient records and scans is increasing patient care standards:

Medical Record Scanning

Now that more and more patient health records are digital, doctors can access them from anywhere in an after-hours emergency. This also allows any doctor in your medical practice to access these records and get-up-to-speed on the patient quickly, potentially saving their life.

It also now allows patients to call or visit the office to get specific information in their records, quickly. In the past accessing patient records meant someone searching through filing cabinets to find the file, which was hopefully filed in the correct place. Now this information can be digitally searched and accessed in seconds, which means healthcare workers can spend more time treating and caring for their patients, and less time looking up patient records.

X-Ray Digitization

Previously, printed X-Ray film had to be stored separately from patient records, but now, with X-Ray digitization, you can store them digitally in the same file, making accessing critical patient information much quicker.

Scanning printed X-Rays will also save you storage space as you don’t need to store the physical copies in your clinic. You could use the extra space you save to open more examination or treatment rooms. Imagine how many more people you can care for if you open another treatment room.

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Medical Records Scanning and X-Ray Digitization Services in Vancouver

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