MCS Vancouver – Large Format Scanning Services

Do you have a library of large format maps or plans in rolls, flat files, or hanging files?

Do they take up far too much valuable office space?

Are they relegated to storage boxes out in the warehouse?

What is your strategy moving forward should you ever have the need to locate a historic drawing?

We all have been there, with all those old files just accumulating dust—because let’s be honest, who has the time or staff to search so many maps and plans manually?

Large Format Scanning Services in Vancouver

Micro Com System has several high-speed large format document scanners that can scan engineering and architectural drawings, plans, and maps at any resolution you require. We can digitize any length drawing or plan up to 54 inches in width, in black & white or colour.

We also can scan a vast number of different media, such as blue and black line paper, vellum, mylar, old erasable mylar, and even linen!

The best part is, not only can MCS digitize almost every large format that you have, but we also offer something unique: one to one quality control. MCS compares every digitized file with its original to ensure that the digital files we send you have the best image quality possible.

In the end, MCS will deliver a single or multipage PDF file with all the plans or drawings thoroughly checked for the best image quality possible. This PDF file can encapsulate the large format images and any other file—regardless of size, from letter to sticky note—that relates to them. MCS can also send you the digitized files in TIFF, PNG, and JPEG. We have been doing this for many decades, at very reasonable prices with very fast turnaround times. We regularly scan several thousand drawings every day.

Check out our new video to learn. more about Micro Com Systems large format scanning services.

Micro Com Systems, digitizing anything, even linen!

Large Format Scanning Services Video By MCS Vancouver