Retro Chic by guest blogger Jay Phoenix

“New” Retro Vending Machine at Vancouver’s Scanning Company 

Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Fanta, A&W Root Beer. What do these soft drinks have in common? Well, other than being over-carbonated diabetes in a can, very little. However, they claim tenancy in Micro Com’s resident relic. No, it’s not Craig.

The Crusty Old Man

Give a warm ‘how do you do’, with a polite curtsy and bow, to  MCS, Vancouver’s Document Scanning & Archive Records Management Service very own new(ish) vending machine. It may be worn, like the crusty old man that sits in the corner of your favourite coffee shop every Tuesday afternoon, but it has character and cranks out ice cold drinks at 50¢ a pop, literally. That’s a price even broke undergrads surviving on a diet of ramen noodles and cheap beer can afford, and perfect for those hot summer days when preppers stare mournfully out the window while the city soaks in golden rays.

Clunker from the 70’s

2014-07-29 09.59.51
Sure, it’s an old clunker from the 70’s, but it’s a retro import that quickly became part of the family because with a little tender love and care, she can be a thing of beauty.

Vancouver Scanning Company: A Little Bit of History

Before Micro Com migrated north, this glorious piece of machinery claimed the Seattle office as its primary residence. Eventually it made an epic journey, crossing borders, to settle in beautiful British Columbia. MCS employees, young and old, couldn’t be more thrilled. So save your nickels and dimes for a sweet, cool, and refreshing treat.

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