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When Is an IT Department Similar to a Good Deli?

Vancouver Document Scanning Company – Custom Scanning Services

At Micro Com Systems our IT department enables us to offer our customers tremendous flexibility in terms of meeting their individual requirements and goals. For example, many of our clients have in-house document management systems that require images and data to be packaged in very specific ways to enable trouble free importation. Others need metadata embedded in an XML or JSON file, again, not an issue, we do this all the time. Some require single page PDF files, some multipage TIF and PDF. Some want PDFa, which is an archival variant of PDF. We have clients that prefer to have us rename their image files with the index data we glean and validate. All of these nuances are cheerfully addressed.

Additionally, over the past 30 years we have designed many of our own applications that allow us to process our client’s work more efficiently. Some of these address document preparation and tracking, some quality control, some indexing, but all created with the goal of producing quality work in a structured and orderly way. All of this work was performed here, not one line of code was farmed out.

Custom Document Scanning Services

Another extremely important way we look out for our clients is ensuring that every aspect of every service we perform for our clients is done internally.

We have NO cloud-based processes, and none of our production architecture is exposed to the outside world. This is very important to us, because it’s very important to our clients.

These same IT professionals maintain our line of business applications, our internal email, our backups, our firewalls, building security/alarms and camera/surveillance systems.

These people are very important to us and to our clients, listening to what they want and need then providing it can often be the difference in competitive situations, where the ability to be flexible and respond to unique requirements is critical. That is how our IT department is like a good Delicatessen!

They make sure you are happy because they want you to keep coming back!

And, please take a number for better service. “Now serving, number 20!”

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